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for fun I guess

20th June 2003 20:06

Maps eh? where do I go to make maps? do I have to d/l something? plz help me :smack:

21st June 2003 06:06

hey thats sound cool can I help? just e-mail me

21st June 2003 07:06

hit enter and type Kobayashimaru that'll slove ur problem:cya:

22nd June 2003 06:06

whats your fav. ship? mine is the Borg Fusion cube! I build about 3 of them and wipe out any outpos...

23rd June 2003 17:06

yes I meant which :smack:

24th June 2003 01:06

aren't you part of the A2 staff? cool didn't think you guyz read these I can take out your ships wi...

24th June 2003 04:06

Originally posted by tommy900 i didnt put them on the vote becouse i hate them same with 8472 yea...

24th June 2003 04:06

:talker: how long do I have to wait? oi I forgot to tell ya if you need help with sounds I'm ur...

24th June 2003 05:06

Originally posted by borg121 in the stock or modded game? the stock game I try not use mods :lol:

24th June 2003 18:06

my avataar stand for Anarchy! I belive in chaos within order

24th June 2003 18:06

wut are you trying to say?:uhm:

25th June 2003 17:06

wut man Armada 2 dosn't sux! you sux :moon: :smack:

8th July 2003 06:07