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I like how this is the top thread. Yes, now I can spread idiocy on TWO forums!

28th August 2009 07:08

...does anyone give a shit?

24th December 2009 07:12

Jum Jum has returned!!!!!!!!!!

21st December 2009 00:12

ACLU pwns racism

21st December 2009 03:12

Biiviz;5174100I feel like a really big mushroom. have you perhaps TAKEN some mushrooms?

21st December 2009 06:12

There are no apricots here!

22nd December 2009 08:12

merry life sucks to you too

23rd December 2009 23:12

United Front News Update X: Release Announcement! Welcome to another update to United Front....

24th December 2009 01:12

non-broken links of telescopes pwn broken ones.

22nd February 2010 05:02

Forgotten Hope 2' 2.2 Release is here! Go and download it! Normandy is waiting!

5th September 2009 14:09

Eat Uranium;5243416OK, I ask this question now: Who do you think make up the veterans of the comuni...

22nd February 2010 07:02

aww, sadface.

22nd February 2010 08:02

the avatar change that he predicted! it has happened!

22nd February 2010 08:02

pokemon is silly.

22nd February 2010 21:02

Hello all, i am The Warrior, Lead researcher, newsman, and artwork designer for No ManĀ“s land WWI mi...

22nd February 2010 21:02

Von Mudra;5249887Its a travesty, an offense against the human race. so obviously, its perfect for m...

23rd February 2010 06:02

Captain Pyjama Shark;5146930Well we have the Warrior now for that. no, no--i prefer the ratte. Land...

27th November 2009 10:11

dude...its been like, 6 hours. you should visit warumdarum from time to time.

5th September 2009 13:09

hockeywarrior2;4987967 That all aside, we DO need a butler ASAP. Get the Warrior on the phone! I dem...

28th August 2009 08:08


28th August 2009 21:08

I figure I may as well post it here, as well! Though, I'm not sure the forum is okay with huge photo...

28th August 2009 08:08

sweet. Have at you!

28th August 2009 08:08


28th August 2009 08:08

even though it's one of the most underfunded on the face of the Earth. Yayy, Styrofoam space suits!...

28th August 2009 09:08

aww, Its alright mudra. Come here. Get a hug. It'll all be worse soon when all the fanboys flood th...

28th August 2009 11:08
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