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is this game worth getting it??

12th December 2004 03:12 it was about 2 years ago...brings back memories

24th May 2005 04:05

I got GW and im loving it

2nd May 2005 08:05

My player name is "Dr Grabass"

8th May 2005 00:05

Im looking for a CS:S clan...I live in US so I play US time mostly

8th May 2005 00:05

I bought Ressurection can I use it?

13th May 2005 05:05

watch the trailer!

14th May 2005 10:05

Im gonna get AoE3 and this

14th May 2005 19:05


20th May 2005 04:05

When I click on CS:S icon to start the game it says its can I get it to work? worked f...

21st May 2005 03:05

I have full version of the game, and there are cheats already...and Nova doesnt do anything about it...

21st May 2005 20:05

Im trying to update my 512mb to 1GB... this is my 512MB info: 256MB(2 sticks), DDR, 400, CL3 and I w...

22nd May 2005 23:05 :smokin:

30th May 2005 08:05

Guild Wars, LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth or Empire Earth 2. Which 1???

1st May 2005 08:05

will my comp run it? 3.20GHz 1GB ATI Radeon 9800 pro (128mb)

30th May 2005 11:05

is now 19.99 at EB Games go grab a copy...ill get it but gotta save money for Bf2 1st:)

3rd June 2005 08:06

Any1 got this game? If so how is it?

14th August 2005 22:08

I need to know how to use binds...and I also wanna know if there is a site explaining how to use Dem...

18th September 2005 21:09

So I recorded the demo and now what program I need to view it?

22nd September 2005 08:09

any1 know how to use these letters in ur name?£§»²³Ø I seen ppl with all kinds of characters in thei...

30th October 2005 11:10

I like them all..except the remakes..I played the sh** out of them in CoD/UO so they are pretty bori...

30th October 2005 11:10

^ I know that...but how do I get it in my player name?

3rd November 2005 05:11

When I start the game everything is fine...When it loads into server it crashes back to desktop..any...

25th November 2005 02:11

Is there lots of ppl playing online?

1st May 2005 11:05

do u create units and in C&C Generals?

29th April 2005 10:04
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