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hi guys (and girls) im theelusiveyoda and want to introduce myself i like playing games and intend t...

30th March 2006 22:03

here it is

16th January 2007 13:01

you can get the 320mb 8800 gts for £200 on

14th February 2007 09:02

probarbly in the next 4 to 5 months as ati releases the r600 in the next few months then the cheaper...

12th February 2007 10:02

thats right ati and nvdia use differient architecture to make their cards be able to run in dual mod...

12th February 2007 10:02

pentium d's are lga 775 but for certain use berlac advisor to find out then tells us so we can help...

12th February 2007 10:02

the ati x1950 pro and you cant use 2 ati cards in a sli motherboard

12th February 2007 10:02

3ds max works on linux i believe but im not 100% sure ill try it on my other pc in abit

2nd February 2007 08:02

lol i know i just relised that myself

24th January 2007 12:01

the x1950 pro is the fastest card for agp my dad's got a his x1950 pro agp 256mb iceq3 which is bloo...

22nd January 2007 09:01

nothing really maybe another hardrive or faster memory depends on what motheboard you got

18th January 2007 15:01

so in other words direct x10 makes thing look better and the 8800gtx is the best card to buy right n...

18th January 2007 14:01

the £390 8800gtx wont be outdated any time soon except maybe when ati release the r600 but the 8800g...

18th January 2007 12:01

defiently your graphics card you can get a quite good graphics card for £300 for example ATI CARDS...

18th January 2007 12:01

here are 2 other images i have created using photoshop for crysis

17th January 2007 13:01

So here is the first wallpaper i have created using photoshop please tell me what you think

15th January 2007 14:01

yeah a core 2 duo e6300 can be oc to beat an fx - 62 processor from amd

15th February 2007 11:02

your ideas sound good and shouldnt be to hard to do try for inspiration or www.crazyp...

12th January 2007 11:01

lol a keychain i wouldnt bother fixing it you could buy a whole pc with low price parts for around...

12th January 2007 10:01

I see but i dont have a monitor which goes up to like 30000X30000 I wish i did by the way 30000 x...

10th January 2007 11:01

x1950s crap what are u on? im just saying 6800 are a bit old now and the newer cards are better

9th January 2007 15:01

yeah it depends alot on your motherboard for overclocking if its a pre built pc expect little or no...

8th January 2007 09:01

6800 on agp is useless nowadays

8th January 2007 09:01

i think they wont make a dx10 agp card because the agp architecture is currently having problems wit...

8th January 2007 09:01

thats strange i found that msi board for £86 just from scan

3rd January 2007 10:01