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Could someone make a mod that makes shotguns have a slight scope kinda like the mods for rifles and...

19th January 2004 11:01

Forgot to mention must be for spearhead.

19th January 2004 11:01

For the mods you provided links do they work with spearhead?

19th January 2004 11:01

No it aint..

20th January 2004 02:01

Does anyone know of a dot crosshair that turns red on an enemy and green on an allie? Or could someo...

24th January 2004 21:01

Do you own your own server? Do you have a site?

26th January 2004 08:01

Ok you are very new do you have your own domain or what? If not i might be able to host you..

27th January 2004 04:01

I could give you some good stuff more then free webs.. 100 mb space 1 gig bandwith email ftp mysq...

27th January 2004 07:01

The Allied Nazi's of Death are recruiting. You can view our site at This cl...

28th January 2004 09:01

I could help i think. I would suggest using phpnuke but i can help though i dont want to join your c...

1st February 2004 04:02

Well then theres the phpbb with ezportal way.

1st February 2004 12:02

Can anyone tell me how to make a mod that doesnt interfere with anything else like weapon skins i go...

12th February 2004 06:02

I got a skin for a weapon that disappears when i bash and i hate that.

12th February 2004 09:02