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Hey everyone. Let's see, I like video games, movies, and anime. Yup, that's it. As for some specific...

9th December 2004 00:12

yeah, im using a different computer. and i tried tabbing, it only brings me to the "shutdown compute...

10th January 2005 06:01

Yeah, I saw this a while ago. Who knows if it's real or not, maybe you should order one?

21st January 2005 07:01

Raymond Richard Ortgiesen the FIFTH Yeah, there are five of me.

21st January 2005 07:01

Looks pretty god damn fun if you ask me. w00t!

15th January 2005 08:01

'Bout damn time.

14th January 2005 10:01

1.a) Age: 15 * b) Name: Ray c) Country: USA d) Education: High-school e) Maritial Status:...

12th January 2005 05:01

This scam is absolutely brilliant! Wonder what jesus would do if he saw it. "I found jesus! Si...

11th January 2005 08:01

I got it working! I used ctrlaltdel and it came up with a button to manually login(instead of pressi...

11th January 2005 01:01

Sounds fun.

11th January 2005 01:01

Somehow my resloution has gotten set EXTREMELY low, somewhere around 200x300 or so pixels. Now I can...

10th January 2005 05:01

I'm so sorry, I lost a pet not too long ago. :uhm:

3rd January 2005 09:01

I'm getting all sorts of odd word glitches on the menu, and In game. When I talk to my party or NPCs...

3rd January 2005 06:01

I already have one, and I love it. I suggest it to anyone into gaming, or anyone who travels alot.

3rd January 2005 03:01

QUAKE 3 WILL NEVER DIE! :KTA: muhhahahahhahahhaahha

2nd January 2005 08:01

Maps: Burial Grounds, Zanzibar(On the 1 Flag CTF) Weapons: Covenant Sniper, Dual Magnums, Dual Needl...

31st December 2004 13:12

If your talking internet lag what's your internet connection? It has nothing to do with the specs of...

31st December 2004 13:12

It depends on what game. Alot of games use GTKRadiant. And once again for tutorials, depends on what...

31st December 2004 13:12

I say get XBL! ;) That's a cool idea, but it's never going to implemented as more and more people...

31st December 2004 13:12

Yeah, I'd like to know what all those tanks are. They look like something that you'd find in either...

23rd January 2005 07:01

I can not wait for this game to come out! Even though I'll probably play it for 10 minutes right bef...

23rd January 2005 07:01

DnD. w00t!

31st December 2004 07:12

It doesn't look like it even has to do with radiant, but something to do with your machine.

27th January 2005 08:01

Quick question, am I going to have to hook my video card up to the power supply in a seperate way or...

1st July 2005 10:07

Okay, to the best of my vast (right) knowledge of computers all this stuff should work fine together...

1st July 2005 04:07