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FederikerTomorrow will be the day, the day that we are waiting since, well, 9 months ago, doring thi...

25th September 2003 07:09


30th July 2008 19:07

Sicarius;4491189leaked image Spoiler: Show SPOILER ALERT Lightning said he would kill you if you...

6th August 2008 18:08

Raizok;4491199:lol: Who are you trying to fool with that fake, Sicarius? Everyone knows Nazi raindr...

6th August 2008 18:08


6th August 2008 19:08

That would be the 234/1? My favourite is the 234/4 ^^

11th August 2008 19:08

SdKfz 234/1?

12th August 2008 20:08

K43 ZF Oh yes!

23rd July 2008 20:07

General_Henry;4521417i like this idea! so people would know how powerful is a stg44 compared to MP40...

21st August 2008 10:08

spartanlegend;4431671Hypothesis: AT Guns are ineffective Aim: Determine whether AT Guns are ineffe...

12th July 2008 07:07

8th July 2008 06:07

Crusher of dreams. 'Nuff said.

11th July 2008 19:07

'LIGHTNING [NL-- It will only have battles from June 6th (D-Day) to August 21st (Surrender of Falais...

16th July 2008 07:07

A-ha! I happen to have inside information concerning this weeks update! Tonights... wait... someone'...

16th July 2008 16:07

Player03251992;4449396LOL...anybody else notice the OP wrote battlefield with three t´s in the threa...

21st July 2008 19:07


29th June 2008 18:06

August 21st, 2003 Ah, good ol' 0.5 <3

13th September 2008 20:09

And -10 in Moscow... OH, WAIT. - Firefly - 234/4

16th September 2008 15:09

"--Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe Electronic Arts - That was a joke. Haha. Fat ch...

26th September 2008 17:09

Natty Wallo;4607355We know, the terrain, planes and mines are just a few of the things that are perf...

30th September 2008 13:09

6th September 2008 20:09

The update is too cool. The site can't handle it.

27th August 2008 17:08

Because I have seen it :O!!

27th August 2008 17:08

gtfo my internet.

6th September 2008 17:09

ww2freak;4553285The music...errrr...yeah...hmmm...right... Hey, at least it's not Aces High.

2nd September 2008 18:09