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I would like a white armored masterchief holding a sniper crouching and a white background. Under it...

10th December 2005 07:12

I would like a picture of master chiefs upper body holding a sniper rifle like on the game Halo 2. I...

11th December 2005 05:12

what u meen by following the rules? Is there anything i should know, I tryed searching the thread i...

11th December 2005 09:12

nm, iv checked the rules and stuff. Im pretty new to this site, i got in quick for my friend got a s...

11th December 2005 09:12

Could i change background to a bright red instead of white.

11th December 2005 09:12

k , sorry didnt see that. Guess that means i cant get one custome made.

11th December 2005 10:12

For the name have: Austin For the motto have: You Can't Hide From Me For the background have red, ha...

11th December 2005 11:12


11th December 2005 11:12

Thx man, ill keep in touch. I like it.

11th December 2005 12:12

Hey my friend named tyler wants a signature. The #2 sig with red and masterchief. Can you put Tyler...

12th December 2005 04:12

k, if you want i will.

12th December 2005 07:12