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I collect imperial guard and space marines and im thinking of collecting 'nids or tau.

27th July 2005 19:07

hmm if you care kroot are actually quite good. they can infiltrate and they fight well in forests i...

1st December 2005 22:12

i use it sometimes but sometime i dont. I use it when i need to produce tons of units of one kind an...

3rd December 2005 17:12

double post like crifty to comment on heavys. I will also get 3-4 heavy destroyers as fast and heavy...

3rd December 2005 17:12

ok thank you. Here is what i will get a destroyer lord and 2 warrior squads then after that i will g...

3rd December 2005 17:12

I have just started to collect my 2nd army, necrons... all i have is a single squad of necrons what...

3rd December 2005 16:12

holy cow thats cool

3rd December 2005 16:12

and there are objectives at times. Where you have to take hold of markers and all

3rd December 2005 16:12

yea i check that site everyday and i have to tell you get like 10-20 of them they are cheap, and goo...

1st December 2005 22:12

destroyer lord and destroyer body guards 2 warrior squads as a main force 10 immortals as infantr...

3rd December 2005 23:12

DedshawThe units that i think are useless are mega armored nobz because you can only have one squad...

1st December 2005 21:12

hmm i would suggest 40 fire warriors is a good number and then 3 battlesuits some scouts with rail r...

1st December 2005 18:12

i think vanquishers are good the ones in steel legion

1st December 2005 17:12

lol chipmunk but those tactics you mentioned are what ppl do you just have to learn to counter them

1st December 2005 17:12

mad_chipmunkThe dow engine would roll over and die with tyranids it has been said by relic lol.ahem...

30th November 2005 21:11

i thought it was coming out christmas wasnt it? i mean the demo

25th November 2005 20:11

there is always another way... lolz

3rd December 2005 22:12

ha i never leave troops in my base. So when they launch a counter attack and im there frantically tr...

3rd December 2005 23:12

make sure you have 5.0 or something.

13th November 2005 22:11

tell me the good news

7th March 2006 21:03

Well this is a Star Wars game, you would expect them to make lightsaber usage much more powerful the...

2nd April 2007 21:04

isnt he on Mannan or something whateer its called?

10th April 2006 18:04

its pretty cool

8th April 2006 22:04

did you erase the program files?

25th March 2006 00:03

just go to gamedata.ini and it'll work

16th March 2006 21:03