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Everyone istalking about the rmr clan server since earthquake went lag on us, but I can't seem to lo...

12th May 2003 11:05

How do I create custom taunts or "comebacks" in multiplayer and then bind the taunt or phrase to a k...

21st May 2003 09:05

What are the specs on your computer and video card?

29th May 2003 20:05

Every month or so I have to re input my settings; name video modes key binds etc. Sometimes it's ev...

2nd June 2003 09:06

do a total deinstall, manually remove all sof2 folders and files from drive c, and reinstall game do...

3rd June 2003 10:06

thanks-i did change my name colors THX1137

3rd June 2003 11:06

EVERY TIME I play sof2 lately, I have to reinput all of the settings. At first I thought this norma...

18th July 2003 12:07

no the prob is fixed-it was when i used the start menu to start the game instead of the regular shor...

19th July 2003 11:07

Whenever i connect to any server my mouse/crosshair in game shakes and acts like the setting is on w...

10th August 2003 01:08

ttlasskkrEver since buying a Geforce 4 MX-440, SOFII: Double Helix won't run foir me becuase my grap...

12th August 2003 02:08

had the same prob-just turn autodownloads to on so pb can update itself

13th August 2003 11:08

i have the same prob sometimes --anybody know?

24th August 2003 13:08

What does it mean: Com_sprintf: overflow of 4 in 4 ?

24th August 2003 13:08