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Now I've sat in 3 days trying to figure out who G-man really is, and I think I've come a bit on the...

23rd December 2005 01:12

Irritating with people that ask something and then go silent...

12th August 2007 20:08

Would never have figured out a satellite... why I didn't think of that.. And btw my PCs fixed now,...

3rd October 2006 02:10

I loved to kill him.

17th October 2006 22:10

To start with: Congratz on buying such a wonderfull game. ^^ It sure is a masterpiece. Been replayin...

18th October 2006 02:10

Well, he didn't have a briefcase in Episode 1 thats for sure, dont try saying "Yes its there Ive see...

24th October 2006 12:10

The answer to this is very easy. Its a game, and as we havn't got to see the back of the suit, witho...

3rd November 2006 20:11

Yes please tell us the link, would be cool to know what they think :)

2nd January 2007 00:01

Hey guys, Gman keeps talking about his "bosses", but who was it that hired Gordon to do what he did...

5th May 2007 02:05

People! People! Some of you might already have seen this, but of those of you who havn't... http://...

7th July 2007 15:07

Funniest thing that happened to me (This is true!) was that I was a little bored at the game, so I w...

22nd July 2007 13:07

711.) If I kill every living being in the whole Cyrodill, the other countries don't give a shit. =D

8th September 2007 18:09

Its cool ;)

27th September 2006 02:09

There wont be any mods for 360 version.. get a PC

14th September 2007 19:09

McLovin, if thats true.. it's hell cool And commissar mercz.. it's not the fact that it's IN Black...

1st November 2007 16:11

WipperSnipper, comparing Halo with Half-Life is a crime.

4th November 2007 03:11

Just like GoW however it will prob ship to PC some years later..

20th November 2007 03:11

They will NEVER tell us, that I'm damn sure of. I think the whole Half-Life series will end in some...

29th November 2007 04:11

Where you got those 10 months from? Well, even if it was scheduled 10 months after the 360 version,...

29th November 2007 04:11

People don't get jokes anymore..

16th January 2008 05:01

Motorman, no offence but REALLY, please, press ENTER sometimes when your writing okey?

16th January 2008 05:01

I'd ask every damn vortigaunt I see of what they know about the Gman. Then I can rest in peace =)

25th January 2008 16:01

Firsty, completely out of topic, so did my goddamn harddrive break so I must change it, some hacker...

30th September 2006 21:09

Would be very exciting to see a mini movie or somewat of all that happening. :P Wanna see earth lose...

16th September 2006 21:09

Self so do I think that Darwinia is a kinda good idea of making something with "New" graphic look li...

23rd December 2005 03:12
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