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i find the Spec Ops gun a bit underpowered maybe its just me or using it at long range cuz i've hit...

9th April 2003 07:04

Louisiana State University bat0n r0uge, LA :lookaround:

17th May 2003 10:05

seemed to changed BOB for me i used to have the text pak installed but i reinstalled the game and wa...

20th May 2003 13:05


18th May 2003 16:05

matrix2 coulda been better no lie the dance scene shoulda been left out and seems the fight scene wi...

18th May 2003 16:05

9700pro undoubtedly if u cant get the 9800 or the latest nvidia :deal:

18th May 2003 08:05

mine was 275mb ? :love:

18th May 2003 03:05

i think u people needa chill and stop takin the shit so gd personal jeez

18th May 2003 03:05

are you the Prowlinger guy? :love: im in line to download it now y@y 9mins to wait

17th May 2003 14:05

my advice is to lend yer coding skills to one of the top mods out there instead of doing a mod thats...

17th May 2003 10:05

click on CUSTOM GAME along the top menu and then clik on DESERT COMBAT and then clik on ACTIVATE...

24th May 2003 07:05

how many maps did RTR have, only a few huh? secret weapons has 8 right? i might get it, idunno i l...

15th May 2003 22:05

happy birthday to me :lol: :love:

15th May 2003 20:05

wats the price sposed to be for the new expansion comin out?

15th May 2003 14:05

do speeds of hard drives affect anything other than the map loading like during gameplay? :love:

14th May 2003 14:05

i think they are both stupid :love:

14th May 2003 13:05


14th May 2003 13:05

when connecting to a DC server after the map loads

14th May 2003 04:05

most cyberpeople are usually ignorant, oblivious or both :lookaround:

24th May 2003 07:05


24th May 2003 07:05

no i dont, hence no reply to HIS post :love:

13th May 2003 14:05

me? :moon: :agreed :cya:

14th June 2003 10:06

hi im 'ghey' i dunno wats with my sig maybe somethin to do with my name *hint hint anyways be sure...

20th August 2003 14:08

hi i didnt vote

18th August 2003 09:08

is it normal for AA to mess up the text? cuz it does on mine :(

23rd June 2003 06:06