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i think sniping is most fun in regular bf in EoD its way to easy and i havent sniped in DC for a lon...

22nd June 2003 03:06

good job with the lil buddy list, how it remembers who i put on it it makes me very happy :love:

17th June 2003 11:06

what :confused:

15th June 2003 09:06

i dont agree with the new filefront the previous one made me happier fileplanet isnt all bad if u...

14th June 2003 09:06

cereal box history lesson thats hilarious :lol: :cya:

14th June 2003 09:06

hello, im stupid hardware acceleration is wat exactly? wat 'hardware' does the accelerating? cpu or...

26th May 2003 05:05

its great im just used to the dc helicopters and the machine guns on dc also it seems that the m16/a...

8th June 2003 02:06

are you one of those people with the sticker 'its a jeep thing' on the back of your car? if so then...

5th June 2003 09:06

i just wonderin bout some of the things that go on in clans like for league games do they usually h...

26th May 2003 12:05

i just got RtR and ima wonderin if its incorporated into the campaign or is it just for single battl...

26th May 2003 12:05


26th May 2003 12:05

u gotta run the merciless configuration utility goto start, program files and under the merciless c...

26th May 2003 05:05

i think my harddrive is a pos well i kno it is its froma old HP i bought 2+ years ago, its 14gb and...

26th May 2003 05:05

i get it alot now :(

14th May 2003 03:05

well i thought it was kinda cute werth allowing u access to my computa :love:

12th May 2003 14:05


10th April 2003 10:04


13th April 2003 04:04


21st April 2003 05:04


14th April 2003 22:04

theres an HBO made movie called "When Trumpets Fade" that i think is really good but of course u ca...

14th April 2003 02:04


14th April 2003 01:04

when u jump out the blackhawk only to have it hit u and kill u :(

13th April 2003 11:04


13th April 2003 09:04

"Your Special: You must prove that you are more intelligent than any one else that come to these for...

13th April 2003 09:04


13th April 2003 01:04