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half life 2 has such a great cliffhanger ending (i wont spoil it for you unless u want me to ) i can...

22nd November 2004 20:11

i got some pis of the suicide pohtographer

2nd July 2005 15:07

i told you it didnt turn that red but it is a good find dont you think

26th August 2005 15:08


24th August 2005 18:08

thats weird i went there again at 18:00 and it wasnt red, maybe it only happens on a certain day of...

24th August 2005 08:08

its true, it dosent turn bright red but it turns red enough

24th August 2005 08:08

if you go to the pirates in mens pants casino at 18:00 the water turns to blood, or wine, or somthin...

23rd August 2005 09:08

i dont think it is a glitch i think it was an idea put in there by rockstar that sometimes the parac...

18th July 2005 11:07

is this a glitch, i jumped from my hydra over the land and i pressed ente(so he would parachute) CJ...

17th July 2005 14:07

the suicide photographer isnt a glitch

3rd July 2005 19:07

im sorry, i think theyre funny, go to www.forumspile.com for them theve got loads

2nd July 2005 15:07

id like to be able to change them so i can load up a freight train with cars from the import/export...

2nd July 2005 15:07


2nd July 2005 15:07

i have found many funny and/or annoying glitches on the pc version, can u contribute to the list as...

2nd July 2005 15:07

eithir, in general would be nice tho

2nd July 2005 14:07

does any1 else hav the problem where when playing DeathMatch maps in single player (i do it so i can...

4th December 2004 15:12


2nd July 2005 14:07

1st July 2005 20:07

Edit: That type of imagery really wasn't caled for.... Calm down, and find out the solution to your...

1st July 2005 20:07

Can u change the train tracks

1st July 2005 20:07

its numpad 8 to go forewards (it will turn your thurusters) (hold it down) and press numpad + to get...

1st July 2005 20:07

they should make a mod for the pc that does the same thing as the 178 territories glith coz i cant b...

30th June 2005 19:06

pleaseeee help meeeeeee

22nd December 2004 16:12

i just thought, if valve are planning to make alyx a playable character in hl3 then she must survuve

22nd December 2004 14:12

i hav downloaded all versions of jbmod and NONE of them work, i put it in the right folder (i know i...

22nd December 2004 14:12
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