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The Aftermath is the first mod of its kind, a hybrid mod unique in approach and creation. One part mod the other part tutorial, this mod not only offers a unique playing experience but also encourages the average user to take their game skills to the next level-teaching them how to go about creating their own gaming experience.

The tutorial half of the game has been designed to offer up and coming modders the info and encouragement they need to set out on their own mod. From in depth tutorials on mapping through to the more complex areas of xml and interface creation, the tutorials are the most valuable asset to Aftermath

The mod half; with the most advanced AI and map design, challenging scenarios and much more push the foundations of Legacy to make it a different experience each time you play. With the creation of many game modes that offer unique playing experiences that open up new avenues of depth, Aftermath has the foundations to change the way in which Legacy can be played. With advancements in interface design, AI, physics and more- Aftermath is far more than meets the eye.

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