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Someone throws u a frisbee and u run away thinking its a mine..

15th May 2006 09:05

Swamp Speeder can br put into Mod Tools... Somebody could make a map with one in it! As for the oth...

15th June 2006 00:06

No patch? So what! Like I said: I don't want too lose my online friends again- Maybe a little upd...

2nd June 2006 04:06

the Millenium Falcon would be super hard for any1... but the idea is great!

2nd June 2006 04:06

No time for Multiplayer? Wow... I like it for the chat too... although sometimes people go too far...

2nd June 2006 04:06

that's because their only in certain maps! anyways, the Dark Trooper is also really good for me......

3rd June 2006 06:06

He's right... gotta be from PS2 to host PS2... Or do u mean from a connection onur computer?

3rd June 2006 08:06

Yeah, LucasArts should have put a juggernaut in... And an At-Ap (That weird three-legged thing)

3rd June 2006 08:06

Getting back on task... Dark Troopers are good too. That Arc Caster just is awesome, along w/ the je...

4th June 2006 04:06

Yeah, the Arc Caster is a bit hard to aim, but it still is great when clearing out a bunker on hoth...

4th June 2006 04:06

Ya, Linux might work... You could just check the game manual (Always check the Manual) If it ain'y...

4th June 2006 04:06

Clans should merge only: IF THEY FEEL LIKE IT!!!! None of this forced give in CRAP! WOBBEY!!!!!

6th June 2006 03:06

Right. They all have the same name already, so whats it matter?

6th June 2006 21:06

Wow! My first 100+ view thread! YAY!!! Anyways: Space: X-Wing Land: BARC Speeder

14th June 2006 02:06

A better and easier mod tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14th June 2006 02:06

StarWarsGeekeasier mod tools would be heaven. maybe like the mod tools for WarOfTheRing. u shouldnt...

16th June 2006 03:06

ru kidding me? so do I! which jettrooper? Dark Trooper or rep guy? Oh, and there are a lot of maps w...

2nd June 2006 03:06

The snowspeeder?

16th June 2006 21:06

Let's Tackle these in order: 1: Just use Battlefront 2 ModTools 2: Get 'em here: http://starwarsba...

16th June 2006 21:06

What if the Mod Tools was like StarCraft or RoN, were u just select the thing, place it and your don...

29th June 2006 09:06

Well, by RoN and StarCraft I meant buildings, but ya, the munge would probably take days... but I th...

29th June 2006 19:06

Bah. 7-Zip is completely free.

2nd July 2006 06:07

Hmmmm..... According to Wookieepedia, he was born 200Y BBY!!! (200 years before battle of Yavin) R...

11th July 2006 23:07

Or you can use X-Fire, that works to. Takes alot less RAM does, and X-Fire also is always running, s...

26th July 2006 13:07

Well, I dunno... I just go to the GT forums to get maps and mods...I posted a few times, but Teancum...

26th July 2006 13:07