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Nice models

6th September 2006 19:09

and when can i start testing stuff?

29th October 2006 21:10

I appologize

21st October 2006 01:10

truer words have never been spoken.

23rd October 2006 00:10

General, truer words have never been spoken (this is a quote from me lol)

23rd October 2006 00:10


23rd October 2006 07:10

your anger if i'm correct

23rd October 2006 07:10

just grow up CC501

23rd October 2006 08:10

can i use it for the mod that you are in? as a mod founder and being over you in one mod i say plz l...

23rd October 2006 11:10

we both are sorry after what info came out, please forgive me and sakey (mostly sakey cus he banned...

23rd October 2006 20:10

cool, and i'll test em if that's ok

23rd October 2006 21:10

well, i can't sign up again

27th October 2006 05:10

the before kotor era

27th October 2006 08:10

please, for the sake of this mod, we have to stop fighting and work together

1st November 2006 19:11


20th October 2006 11:10

um cc501, we are for FoC, not EAW

1st November 2006 19:11

ask me, i am the founder

2nd November 2006 00:11

Can You Ever In A Billion Years Let That Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd November 2006 16:11

why did i ever start this out of control mod?

3rd November 2006 19:11

this mod is way out of wack, i need Mr. T

4th November 2006 10:11

just don't take out your westars and you know, persuade him........

4th November 2006 19:11

I am gonna be the happiest person alive when your mod comes out.

5th November 2006 20:11

no, we are trying our hardest, just don't lose interest in our mod please

6th November 2006 05:11

um Dfeeds, i would like to help you if you'll let me............

6th November 2006 08:11

lol, well i guess, from what i could make from that, if you are saying joining the AOTC, welcome to...

6th November 2006 19:11