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:eek: you actually posted!!! jk, but what kind of update. if you dont feel like telling just ignore...

3rd August 2009 13:08

is that dante/nero skin available on JKfiles? if not could you like...PM me or something?

3rd August 2009 23:08

woooo corellian flight robes!! 2nd fav. default robes in game. 1st is sith robe 360 version, and 1...

4th August 2009 01:08

trenchcoat pic =win. no trenchcoat=stankaylaygs....

7th August 2009 11:08

i agree with the people that aren't douchbags...the story want that bad at one thing wron...

10th August 2009 12:08

OOOOOOOH! DAYAAAAM! that was the second best response to something in this thread....

9th October 2009 10:10

it seems as though you want a story full of politics and diolougue on par with the mass effect unive...

10th August 2009 13:08

HO....LY....****BALLS!!!! now that is what i have been waiting for....

12th August 2009 21:08

is the darth stalker armor the one from use,....the one that is darth vaders tabord, with the sith s...

14th August 2009 00:08

seeing this makes me sad...i had a real katana, but i cut down a bunch of cornstalks with it, and it...

4th September 2009 02:09

i only saw a couple of people asking for updates, and then 10 or more people telling them to shut up...

11th September 2009 02:09

about as stupid as people who say stoopid....?

4th October 2009 06:10

Side note-> It's offend not affend... Sorry i'm a grammer nazi. Anywho, I thought I asked this ab...

13th August 2010 12:08

If it ends up looking close to the picture's amount of awesome, then it will be good. P.S. Scott Pil...

23rd August 2010 09:08

really? wow...i thought it was like 11, or something.

3rd August 2009 12:08

I didnt think it looked like stone until he said that... Now thats all I can see XD

22nd December 2010 03:12

dipper.f;5418365First of all, Do you have something against homosexual zombies and nazi pedophiles ?...

2nd November 2010 09:11

What do the animations look like if you have a normal saber? O.o I bet they look interesting to say...

7th November 2010 23:11

WOO! Also, awesome run in circles smily face!

19th November 2010 07:11

Wasn't this already released?

22nd November 2010 02:11

That would most likely crash the game would it not? You are the size of it's finger, if not less.

26th November 2010 01:11

Which is really too bad, because his maps are the best I've ever seen...

13th December 2010 00:12

Dude. Sweeeet. Just make sure no one gives you any Twilight resources. Could ruin the mod. ;)

16th December 2010 05:12

OMFG DEMON SOULS! I loved you before, but you have officially earned my eternal favor.

28th December 2010 12:12

awesome. I never notived that mod before!

11th October 2010 10:10