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Thatd be pretty awesome. One handed bastard sword stance possibly?

29th December 2010 01:12

Only red hair I can think of is Reno, and I LOVE Reno. lol. He's such an awesome cocky guy.

31st December 2010 00:12

Why wouldn't DS attacks work?

2nd January 2011 09:01

Total Conversions... I like to play Single Player games. It's what I do. And frankly, the Jedi Acade...

26th May 2011 22:05

Okay. Thanks guys!

27th May 2011 11:05

Looks cool. Keep up the good work.

29th May 2011 23:05

I'm curious. Are you gonna put the red tattoo(scar, or whatever) that is on his exposed arm in the g...

16th June 2011 22:06

Woo Ashura! You probably don't even remember me lol. We were friends on messenger. I can't wait to s...

30th October 2010 06:10

O....M....G.... I love you Hirman. Just saying...

10th October 2010 20:10

yea that model is amazing... I was wondering how exactly you wanted the animations, because i'm havi...

25th August 2010 05:08

... that last one looks... interesting? I like the face, but idk. It looks wierd at the same time.

11th September 2010 03:09

first off i love jade empire, secondly....that is actually a good idea for the name. I love the gore...

26th August 2010 05:08 I vote that my favorite skin.

28th August 2010 07:08

seems kinda large and in charge doesn't it?

3rd September 2010 03:09

ja isnt as mod friendly as oblivion or other neweer games.

7th September 2010 20:09

lol, and now they have unreal released to the public. How far indie games have come.

8th September 2010 03:09

did you give permission phae?

9th September 2010 05:09

lol, I only used melee combat a few times in boss fights. There are ways to beat each boss with just...

9th September 2010 08:09

i like how that turned out :p

12th September 2010 07:09

He wants the hilt not the sword. Right? If so. It seems like people don't understand any of your req...

10th October 2010 02:10

reminds me heavily of fable 1 o.O

14th September 2010 02:09

Fable was an amazing game. Totally diferent from star wars though... And full of British Accents.

14th September 2010 05:09

I noticed that too...

23rd September 2010 05:09

lol, you have so many projects to work on :p

26th September 2010 04:09

Dayam. That is awesome. Keep up the good work!

28th September 2010 02:09