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well every one of you is allowed to make your own map. Fenring made some very good tutorials for map...

20th February 2008 05:02

Pacific ? no sry. to the rest well you cannot compare fh2 to fh1 . i can say allways again. we have...

20th February 2008 00:02

Name: GrĂ¼ne Teufel Clan tag: FtN|GT Clan Leader: Toddel Clan website: FragThe.Net :: Clan Teamspeak/...

3rd January 2008 02:01

Thank you people for all the nice comment. I have to say one thing about Lag issueson your Computer...

15th December 2007 08:12

Of course you can play on a older PC. But my Suggestion for the FULL Forgotten Hope 2 experience i...

25th September 2007 15:09

1st :P

28th February 2008 06:02


8th September 2007 17:09

no the dashboard is only textured. this is Bf2 not X-Plane. the recon planes are two seater . Pilot...

4th September 2007 16:09

HAhahah of course not :p

4th September 2007 16:09

'[ZSSolomon;3821057']How can that be? With all the stuff in it, I would have thought, that it would...

27th July 2007 23:07

Bowie69;3657061 will we be able to actually stick these things to the armour? :cool::D

3rd May 2007 19:05

162eRI :eek: you really want this boring skin??????that would easy :smokin: we can release tomooro...

6th September 2006 23:09

Great i love this tread. Comeon guys show how much artists are in every single one of u!!!

29th August 2006 03:08

I would say this is another spam tread

14th August 2006 00:08

Zehnder;4235355When are we going to get the Panzer III?! hehe:D

25th February 2008 23:02

georgehu2007;4240799I wonder if buildings will be destructible No!

29th February 2008 07:02

The sdkfz is COMPLETE New.

8th August 2008 13:08

The only reason that i start modeling and texturing was that i want to have FH2 released faster. i l...

5th July 2008 04:07

'[CHNHarrier;4467220']yup, so why not name it version 2.2? 2.15 sounds like a small bug-fixing pa...

29th July 2008 20:07


28th July 2008 21:07


25th July 2008 03:07

Maxa;4441639I can already hear it... Spoiler: Show "LOL LET ALLIES CAP TEH FLAGS SO WE GET TIGURRR"...

17th July 2008 22:07

The Tiger will only be on Mareth Line. It will have very strong Rules before it will spawn. It will...

17th July 2008 02:07

haha :)

17th July 2008 00:07

In the best Days of FH1 there where 2 populated Servers. The 1st and most visited Server was the Fr...

11th July 2008 01:07