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help!!! i tried going into a multiplayer server on mohaa and i got this: MSG_ReadDeltaEntity: unre...

23rd May 2004 17:05

Hey everyone, what're some of your most memorable moments from hl, hl2, opfor or even blue shift?...

11th February 2005 18:02

Dano123i have all the season and i am righ so shut up you fit your title well (pissing people of...

15th January 2005 00:01

Thats what i did. as long as you use the same steam account, the game can follow you to any compute...

15th January 2005 19:01

sry for long name, but is there a way to change your model in HL2DM through the console? like, say...

15th January 2005 21:01

nm i already found it, it was cl_playermodel models/modelhere.mdl

16th January 2005 01:01

I feel inferior posting this in the same thread as pictures that Fragger has made...but i made this...

16th January 2005 05:01

no offence but.....meh.... that's an easy photoshop job, looks like it'd only take about 2 mins to...

19th January 2005 23:01

Great map moony, again, gg :D lol (this is +Master+of+puppetS+)

24th January 2005 19:01

^^^ Administrator

14th February 2005 03:02

because you touch yourself at night (note, this is not the ACTUAL reason) but seriously, read the...

14th January 2005 00:01

lol yeah i almost believed it up to the "Paralell (sp?) universe" part

16th February 2005 03:02

Valves fault they made the game :)

24th February 2005 22:02

I remember that too, that was just before u got the bugbait

26th February 2005 19:02

Fishing one is ok, but the rest are kinda....meh

27th February 2005 02:02

Ya he does, and his voice is......... disappointing

3rd March 2005 23:03

slice n' dice baby

13th March 2005 17:03

so do we have to pay for this? and yeah this looks cool :)

9th April 2005 23:04

^^ wrong again, it was a flashback of peter asking his teacher :D

14th January 2005 02:01

how about like the right side there's a clear combine and to the left we see a blurred explosion? or...

12th January 2005 14:01

i love all of these frag :D lol, could you make one for me? hope it isn't too much trouble......

5th January 2005 23:01

no i mean it locks you in a room and there are red lasers in which you have to avoid them otherwise...

9th January 2005 06:01

i haven't really checked my fps but... Dell inspiron 9200 (a laptop) ati 9700 mobile 128MB 1gb ddr...

6th January 2005 02:01

lmao, did u make that?

7th January 2005 02:01

Hey guys, I'm not a noob but i'm having trouble with a cmnd. Ok, in hl2DM i already know how to de...

8th January 2005 21:01
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