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:) i'll give anyone 30+ gmail invites for a vaild cz key

26th September 2004 18:09

Just PM me

26th September 2004 18:09

AMD Athlon 2000+ 255MB Ram Onboard Graphics 20 GB a shttiy asus motherborad the worst of it is no 1...

6th December 2004 16:12

cool niceone!

3rd January 2005 18:01

Yes this is true - as i've seen the graphics look crap :)

22nd March 2005 19:03

First is Battlefield 2, looks pwnage really - you gotta check the videos. Heres a describtion of...

22nd March 2005 19:03

Its not a demo its a pre-alpha. :D

22nd March 2005 19:03

Ok i got CoD Deluxe sitting there, should i install CoD:UO play it? is it worth like 4gigs or somthi...

22nd March 2005 20:03

JacobiteSure is ,singleplayer much more the same, but the multiplayer is were its at ,alot of nice t...

22nd March 2005 20:03

Guild wars, was free i belive. And rose online, is very good & free :)

23rd March 2005 20:03