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yo someone make an ally skin that makes them look like the soldier guys from resident evil the movie...

14th August 2002 04:08

or you could not cheat and use your giant electricity gun...wait thats cheating too..

17th August 2002 04:08

the waiting game suxorz

6th September 2002 07:09

yea and that stucky-piece o shit....that server is ALWAYS EMPTY

2nd September 2002 08:09

and if there is no such server- iwould say battlefield 1942 is lookin fucking sweet...... blasphemy...

2nd September 2002 08:09

yo i need a server that plays the good maps-no i do not mean the old ones or goty -i mean the ones m...

2nd September 2002 08:09

ever here of girls, weed, or sports?

2nd September 2002 08:09

we can take away the choiice of tapping out all together..they can sit tight and maybe change positi...

22nd August 2002 10:08

yes you can run accross the beach dodging bulletts and airstrikes and get there to have him hit the...

19th August 2002 23:08

i went to save him and right when i got there he tapped out gotta hate it

17th August 2002 09:08

its always good to bring a towel

17th August 2002 04:08

well there is already a zombie skin also...i wonder if gun skins are possible... like it fires the...

14th August 2002 06:08

doesnt that piss you off? :furious:

17th August 2002 04:08

yea u help like super a lot thanks

16th August 2002 10:08

how bout someone with some skill and knowhow like dr evil tackle these two ideas 1 Resident Evil Th...

16th August 2002 10:08

yea i got zombie for axis and stargarte for allies it looks sweet as hell but some servers that used...

15th August 2002 00:08

lately when i try to join a server it says client_unknown_to_auth and then it takes 5 minutes even a...

14th August 2002 08:08

what does it mean when it says Client_Auth_blablashit like that... i dont remember exactly what it...

14th August 2002 08:08

hell fucking yes when does it come out

14th August 2002 08:08

where is it whens it coming out

14th August 2002 07:08