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You have to go under Items in the object editor and click the box labeled "Item Dropped on death" on...

9th October 2004 20:10

that made it worse

25th April 2008 23:04

no I will be heard 1:do you know how wimpy the Armour would be? 2: he'd look like a dork when using...

28th April 2008 20:04

oh okay thats why I couldn't find it in kse

28th April 2008 19:04

I have the instant-kill blaster but I heard about some instant-kill stick does it even exist?

28th April 2008 07:04

Kouen;4321616The reason you didn't see them, is because you didn't look for them. Now, I know commo...

28th April 2008 02:04

you talk about reading? well when you master that try spelling what type of word is edumacational? i...

28th April 2008 02:04

I downloaded it but cant find them in kse and cant find the cheats anywhere so I'm hoping someone ha...

28th April 2008 00:04

mass effect for 360

27th April 2008 23:04

umm I'm not so sure about that one...

27th April 2008 04:04

if someone did do it I'd download it without a second thought

27th April 2008 04:04

hey can someone out there PLEASE make a recruitment mod that replaces candorius because I have a bug...

25th April 2008 18:04

it is

30th April 2008 19:04

I'm not sure if something like that would be possible... would it?

25th April 2008 18:04

I just want another kotor so yes I'd defiantly play and buy it

24th April 2008 19:04

okay this is really weird.... try using tsl and kotor saved game editor

24th April 2008 00:04

thanks a ton now I can actually get some where in my game!!!

23rd April 2008 01:04

I'd like to know what warp codes lead where since certain places make my computer completely freeze...

22nd April 2008 23:04

DarthRevan2007;4112876Laigreks are lame, i keep my Hsiss's under my bed LAME LAME LAME I keep RANCO...

22nd April 2008 23:04

all these rumors about kotor 3 is lies I know for a fact they are NEVER going to make another sorry....

22nd April 2008 23:04

Basstilla juhanni mission handmaidien mandalore mira ans visas and it'd be cool to have a hutt as a...

22nd April 2008 22:04

okay I'll need 3 judges. but I'm not included as one since I am entering start now end may 1rst. so...

21st April 2008 01:04

I heard that there's a mod that fixes the problem with bastilla's mother does anyone know where I ca...

28th April 2008 20:04

idk but while people help you I was having a hard time finding the portraits

30th April 2008 19:04

Lordjedi;3970596People like him because he was such a powerful sith lord with the best uniform ever...

21st April 2008 01:04