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if someone could make a massive manalorin mod like maybe even a new story I'd be willing to pay if I...

26th January 2009 22:01

well thanks for being polite! sheesh!

25th February 2009 22:02

alright I was thinking and wouldn't it rock if bungie took all the cut levels characters and weapons...

25th February 2009 03:02

okay what game on file front has the best mods and what are they? :confused: in my unbelievable li...

31st January 2009 08:01

you know I just got to thinking pepole have made disguised for clanes and stormees but never rebals...

29th January 2009 02:01

first don't expect me to answer back to this cause I probably wont be able to find it again and for...

29th January 2009 02:01

dum question revan was sith lord bane never was that I'm aware of so easily revan

29th January 2009 01:01

then could you do one for force powers?

29th January 2009 01:01

okay thanks for the heads up I'll be looking for them

27th January 2009 06:01

well I was thinking you probably stumble across a few and I was hoping youd let me know

26th January 2009 22:01

well count how many people on this site DO use grammar? or any other site

30th April 2008 19:04

can someone give me a list of all the mods that work for both kotor and tsl that are in the tsl mod...

26th January 2009 03:01

oh and cant forget bao-dur he cool

20th August 2008 02:08

easy mission both wookies bastilla handmaidien visises mira hk-47 carth and most definatly reaven

20th August 2008 02:08

okay to keep things simple I'm only going to have ONE mod downloaded at a time what would you say ar...

8th July 2008 00:07

cause you know your the only one that does :P

2nd May 2008 19:05

HAHAHAHAHAHA that would be funny

2nd May 2008 04:05

thank you speer

1st May 2008 22:05

I said EASY

1st May 2008 19:05

I'm going to attempt [probably wont succeed] to become a modder do y'all have any tips or easy reque...

30th April 2008 23:04

really? well I've checked three times mind telling the name?

30th April 2008 19:04

tough personally the BEST jedi\sith is sion, he was unstoppable till he gave it up

21st April 2008 01:04

obviously no more help for me

21st April 2008 00:04

okay so I have some great mod ideas BUT I @@@@@ at modding:bawl: so I will just list them and hopefu...

1st April 2008 06:04

here we go again with the list 1. this one would be very hard to make BUT also very cool if there w...

2nd April 2008 00:04