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hi im a new member and i just wanted to say hi to every1:banana: :newbie:

24th October 2004 17:10

Ok,its been a while since ive been on the forums and I have attempted this about 20 times now(nearly...

28th April 2006 18:04

u dont put the data file in the other data file, u remove the old 1 and replace it with the new 1...

24th February 2005 20:02

my army sucks........

24th February 2005 20:02

but i have no money

6th March 2005 12:03

does any1 know how to get third person???:dropsjaw:

2nd April 2005 14:04

Hi everybody,i need some1 to do me a big faiver,i need some1 to make a model of the new link in Lege...

28th May 2005 05:05


28th May 2005 19:05

if i had seen that post before i would have made it diferent

28th May 2005 19:05

Hi,im a big fan of final fantsy7 and ive watched the movie about 6 times and i was wondering if any1...

30th November 2005 17:11

i wouldn't mind an npc too oh and btw I can see how it is so addictive

1st December 2005 20:12

i get the same problem only when it gets to 78% then the f's up and i cant install it........

9th February 2006 09:02

ooh poo.....sorry didnt know some1 already did it....sry....

28th April 2006 18:04

read the title and answear the quistion plz:)

4th February 2005 22:02

Hi,i was playing the yavin:arean map with the stupid bald woman and it got me thinking.Could u put o...

12th May 2006 20:05

kk thx

13th May 2006 11:05

lol but she is bald....

19th May 2006 19:05

Paste the "code" in here...

3rd December 2012 15:12

If you want to switch heads from one model to the other it requires 3d software and a few editing st...

16th December 2012 05:12

Nice work on the Tatooine version!, but not a big fan of the Revan remix, too dark and not enough ma...

20th December 2012 17:12

The high polycount is probably causing the error.

23rd December 2012 17:12

I haven't seen any of them but Vader Luke would be easy to do by mixing two models together.

11th January 2013 17:01

Before you release it you should paint in extra pixels on the center mirror line of the face, there'...

7th February 2013 16:02

...and the fact the games are 10 years old without normal mapping support doesn't help either, most...

18th February 2013 15:02

can some1 make a mod that lets u play as the orcs, eldar and da choas marines in the demo. thx in...

24th February 2005 20:02