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can anyone make me an DBZ mod that changes all the weapons and the fire rate and the impact and expl...

26th April 2004 16:04

ive already got it so ya dont have anything to post anymore

21st September 2004 21:09

o yeah and i cant really animate good so if you need it animated you need an animator

4th November 2004 03:11

i aint a that good modeler and i cant get it ingame but ill try to make it for you Greetings from T...

4th November 2004 03:11

Raitenks can you help me with modeling or give me an tutorial because i cant find one and i wanna kn...

26th September 2004 12:09

MeusH i cant PM him the thing says im not done with typing but iam done so can you contact him for m...

24th September 2004 21:09

ihave the plugin and im making an slight progress in knowledge but i need an good tutorial do you kn...

23rd September 2004 01:09

ialready have the plugin if anyone wanna know i found it at

23rd September 2004 01:09

look at the site

23rd September 2004 00:09

Iwwiz can you teach me how to model Good and do you know where the plugin for GMAX is

22nd September 2004 23:09

give some more explenation and that filter nah but the texturing yeah

22nd September 2004 23:09

can you teach me how to mod can you use GMAX because thats what i have

22nd September 2004 22:09

but do you know where i can find the plugin for md3exporting(and ittle be not the best models becaus...

22nd September 2004 11:09

cant you use GMAX for it because thats also an modeling program

21st September 2004 21:09

o yeah i only wanna do weapons because the GAME needs more modeled weapons post something if ya want...

21st September 2004 21:09

I Want To Import An Model In To Warcraft 3:Reign of Chaos And i Really Need It Because Else Iam Stuc...

21st May 2004 02:05

ican model allitle not good and ive just started but the skill will grow if i train it only i dont k...

21st September 2004 21:09

ittle be not the best models but its the best i can do

21st September 2004 21:09

ihave GMAX and i know a little how to model now (Ive finished an BOW) idont now how to animate or ma...

21st September 2004 21:09

whats the site because i wanna join because SIEGE ROCKS and i wanna be in an clan

21st September 2004 20:09

download the newest driver for your video card then its fixed ive had the same problem

20th September 2004 23:09

ive searched for it but i cant find anything so

20th September 2004 19:09

and if you tell me where i can find GMAX(wanna start modelling old fashion models(bows spears and st...

20th September 2004 19:09

Sounds Great but can you do all the weapons apart PLZ because i really want an bow as an weapon

20th September 2004 19:09

where can u find GMAX

20th September 2004 19:09
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