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How do i stop the crew lost's on a borg ship.....

8th June 2002 05:06

How do i get the phasers to fire short bursts

28th November 2002 06:11

I want to make a borg mod

25th October 2002 07:10

What do i need to make a mod if you like to help me post it here Thanks....

25th October 2002 21:10

I need a team to make.. need a good name for the mod to new sod new Special Weapons new textures ne...

25th October 2002 22:10

Is any one going to make a battle stations mod --im just goin to tell u this, try to make a thread...

27th October 2002 02:10

Is that the uk too

2nd November 2002 08:11

When is the next part of the mod coming out

5th November 2002 22:11

This is keep coming up then i go to play the game armada 2 has caused an error in ARMAMA2.EXE. armad...

6th November 2002 02:11

This is going to be a great game

22nd November 2002 04:11

how do i make the phasers fire like the phasers on tv please help Thanks..!!

27th November 2002 06:11

Thanks but how do you do it in Model Property Editor

28th November 2002 08:11

You can get the borg Assimilator at http://www.unimatrix-one....

21st October 2002 21:10

single player Voyager to Replace the Soverign not the Galaxy Thanks

11th December 2002 00:12

No i can't do it can some do it for me

11th December 2002 06:12

I did it but the ship is all white what do i do please help me Thanks........

17th December 2002 08:12

Can some one make balanced hardpoints collection for the borg ships

18th December 2002 08:12

What do you think of the game and if they make a buffy 2 what would you like new in it

19th December 2002 00:12

It come out in the uk on 14/02/2003

23rd December 2002 23:12

Yes i have got it now have you got it

14th February 2003 22:02

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO PLAY THE GAME Pentium III 800 Mhz or better. 700-800 MB of hard drive spa...

22nd March 2003 23:03

Does any one know were i can get a trainer for v1.04

22nd March 2003 23:03

This is my first mod iam going to start with the borg race and feds i will make addons for all the r...

23rd October 2002 21:10

What the web site to the textures thanks for the help because i cant find it

20th October 2002 23:10

Is there going to be a star trek armada 3 coming out......

8th June 2002 05:06
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