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The BBC only showed it for about a year! Which was a shame. I wonder if they sell it in HMV??!

24th August 2005 16:08

AzHAmy is hot! I take back what I said. You can have my babies. I thought I was having your babies...

27th August 2005 16:08

I used to watch this all the time! The thought that Parallel universes could exist boggles the mind...

24th August 2005 13:08

I'm using Windows XP pro, I am copy and pasting it by selecting and copying the picture in Paint, th...

24th August 2005 13:08

me likes!

24th August 2005 05:08


24th August 2005 05:08

I like this mouse the best

24th August 2005 05:08

Welcome my fellow English friend! Nice to meet you!

24th August 2005 05:08

I don't know how to do that I'm afraid, which is why I didn't create the sig myself. My graphical ab...

24th August 2005 05:08

AmySueMe after losing some inches.... Amy Sue, you're married! SHOCK! HORROR! You lied to me - yo...

26th August 2005 18:08

AmySueJust like my first picture here. So Iam not that hot. No I didnt lift it either. Pwoar, if...

27th August 2005 20:08


14th September 2005 03:09

I'm reading it at the moment and I'm about half way through. The storyline is keeping me hooked, how...

10th September 2005 15:09

As you can see in my avatar I have shaped the picture a little, it was my first bash at creating an...

10th September 2005 15:09

You could just remove him from your network...

10th September 2005 15:09

Hi Looper 2, your avater is nice, but I can't really see very well what it's about!

10th September 2005 15:09

If your going to have windows on there too you need to create a partition on your hard drive.

10th September 2005 15:09

Most men are immature. That's why us women tend to go for older men, however this doesn't always wor...

10th September 2005 15:09

I've tried [color=black]saving the image in paint then opening the saved file in gimp instead of cop...

27th August 2005 21:08

Yeah, I don't have access to that!

5th September 2005 19:09

AzH has other things to deal with right now and Gizmo's not online! Oh dear!

5th September 2005 18:09

I can't log into my blog for some reason, and I tried to reset the password, TNA. Anyone got any sug...

5th September 2005 18:09

who would you be and why?

27th August 2005 22:08

They're good, buy I'm thinking that the pic is a bit crappy

24th August 2005 04:08

Großadmiral Dönitz heeft kleinste weiner die ik in mijn leven ooit heb gezien. Hij zou van zich besc...

12th November 2005 22:11