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I have started modding recently and got the general concept of how to map,skin and make animations w...

4th December 2008 00:12

1000 of broadswords realistic? your legs twist around and head twist thats not realistic at all for...

9th August 2009 16:08

Jose already made those for you im pretty sure even.

30th July 2009 19:07

Can his boots hover?! :0 Great skinning job the crimsonish red looks alot better then the old maro...

30th July 2009 19:07

^ it through the wall with the bridge with lava under it right before tavion through the north west...

30th July 2009 19:07

He sayed he was adding his own artistic touch to it.

31st July 2009 11:07

Gotta love it when any character or thing about EU is in a thread and everyone starts talking canon.

1st August 2009 11:08

He had no beard ingame or was atleast only having stubble.

9th August 2009 12:08

Give Kyle Katarn a fist where his chin should be! "There is no chin under Kyle Katarn's beard. The...

9th August 2009 15:08

No ones gonna do it without any pictures of them.

9th August 2009 15:08

No one will do it without Pictures.

9th August 2009 17:08

this is a bit a suggestion but more of a tip, If your going to let players choose a character model...

30th July 2009 17:07

It may have been silver once upon a time :P

9th August 2009 17:08

:( hard explaining stuff ithout taking screens.

9th August 2009 17:08

Brown and white would look too much like the ebon hawks red and white unless the main color was brow...

9th August 2009 20:08

Spoiler: Show WATSAA! crappy photoshopping ftw.

9th August 2009 20:08

Half the members left or went inactive with their work.

10th August 2009 12:08

If you still want war paint give her some blood warpaint it just screams " Im gonna f***ing kill you...

10th August 2009 12:08

THat baby will perform mass genoside :D

10th August 2009 12:08

THat game had so much plot holes it wasn't even funny.

10th August 2009 12:08

vibro blade comes with this skin the skin looks like kotor 2 mandalore also as bonus xD Rovas Galen...

30th July 2009 18:07

Tx606;4962337Feel free to post suggestions at our forum. =p But i'd need to make a account and do e...

30th July 2009 17:07

After making a suggestion in another thread I've been inspired to revive my Sev improvement. I noti...

10th August 2009 14:08

Im gonna wait until the reviewers say the pc versions controls suck since all they really complained...

28th July 2009 18:07

He did make one lol.

27th July 2009 19:07