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wil my system be ok for gaming in your opinion

1st January 2006 05:01

aup chuck

10th June 2006 02:06

i wont be buying it maybe 6 or so months down the road i will

17th June 2006 02:06

Zboard is a good board

17th June 2006 02:06

Mine runs at 39C my cpu is a AMD 4000+

17th June 2006 02:06

Im looking for some new mega upgrade as im getting £500 on tuesday for my pc any suggestions,heres m...

17th June 2006 02:06

i have a 7600gt very good

17th June 2006 02:06

i do

13th June 2006 09:06

J.C. DentonJust a note, only use the 64-bit edition if you have a 64-bit processor. Just to make su...

12th June 2006 22:06

see ya soon and format shouldnt take long i have it down to 1.24hours now with antivirus drivers etc...

12th June 2006 22:06

not sure im trying the 64 bit one what download manger you using?

10th June 2006 15:06

use norton to do that but if you kid is over 12 i wouldnt bother as there are many was around

10th June 2006 14:06

a fast spinning fan, i dont think you can get varible fans i think there are what they are

9th June 2006 14:06

here http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_84.21.html

17th June 2006 02:06

depends were u sell it aswell if on ebay people wont pay much over £200

9th June 2006 01:06

under £300 tbh as you get get a mega pc now days for £499

9th June 2006 00:06

yea i think thats back The_YokiIs it possible to copy the audiofiles to an mp3-player again? With...

8th June 2006 23:06

i think he just wants a agument as even when i post my system kingston is better

8th June 2006 23:06

you know what just connect to File Fronts teamspeak server

8th June 2006 07:06

its runs pretty good i wouldnt say it uses up more than any other WMP

8th June 2006 06:06

who frankwahlhow do i get a free server to start talking on? can someone give a direct link to a fre...

8th June 2006 06:06

myrkul_8Lol man only people with cheap computers whine about taking up resources. your system spec...

8th June 2006 06:06

myrkul_8Why go so advanced when Microsoft Messenger do just the same? And its default on most comput...

8th June 2006 05:06

format time odear

8th June 2006 05:06

how much power would a second card give? and water cooling-do i need it i idle at 39c seems quite l...

17th June 2006 02:06