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I want to be like Revenge

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TokakekeCOD when I click Join Game. Music stutters, black screen, crash to desktop. Any suggestions?...

27th May 2006 11:05


27th May 2006 11:05

norton ghost is actually very good i use it all the time no more full formats

27th May 2006 08:05

yea preety much thats why any uk gamers system normally rocks cause we got no other choice

27th May 2006 07:05

Crazy WolfAre you certain that that is very very unlikely? Many ecafes in the USA are places to play...

27th May 2006 06:05


27th May 2006 04:05

like that?

26th May 2006 23:05

XFX 7600 gt if you can

26th May 2006 20:05

i have the 7600GTXXX great card so far

26th May 2006 20:05

La-z_Sniperi think its an internet cafe cause some people said he sucked, and another said he was go...

26th May 2006 08:05

i wouldnt go for intel me no like, no offence to you

24th May 2006 00:05

and if you were talking to me to post my vid card check my sig -AMD 4000+ -XFX 7600GTXXX edition

28th May 2006 01:05

Beef FlapsPwnz0rs man. Couch gaming with friends on a PC rawks! Oh wait, you can't do that:rolleyes:...

22nd May 2006 07:05

Campin' CarlVista is apparently much more game friendly as well. hmm i cant see that as all the n...

22nd May 2006 06:05

im from the uk aswell i too be honest i would get the 7900 if you can stretch try fnd a 7800 gt trus...

21st May 2006 08:05

C38368If you don't want people posting in "your" thread, then don't make the thread to begin with....

21st May 2006 08:05

a freind of minw has the z board very good he says

20th May 2006 20:05

heres a list for you: AMD FX 60 2x 512mb 7900gtx 4GB corsair pro 4x 500 sata2 hard drives (raid)

20th May 2006 19:05

UNDIESRULESAt the moment dual core offers no real benefits to most games, the exception being exampl...

20th May 2006 19:05


20th May 2006 02:05

i really like it

19th May 2006 20:05

'Aurora-[NZ']I think why not is the question. It's the best gaming CPU around, and it's not intel :)...

18th May 2006 20:05

i hatw when somone invites me to there squad and then goes off in a plane and doesnt issue orders an...

27th May 2006 12:05

a title post your bf2 name and a link :)

29th May 2006 20:05

i use mx1000 very good mouse and battery time

7th June 2006 21:06