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I hope Subbo is working them. :D I know this is not FH-team top priority, but I'm finn, so it's n...

31st October 2003 18:10

DL ~800mt UL ~1gt If I am lucky enough I'll get it before friday.

22nd September 2004 16:09

How is the T34/76? I hope you have fixed LODs so it won't look like T34/85 in longer distances.

14th September 2004 12:09

That sounds a good idea. Maybe the healing time should be longer also.

14th September 2004 15:09

Was there bigger magazines than 30 rounds to Bren in real-life? Could be better for the tripod versi...

15th September 2004 07:09

New skin and little more detail to Dice's T34- models, and they are fine to me.

17th September 2004 17:09

Nice wallpapers there. @Von Baum I think not.

18th September 2004 08:09

Rokka(FIN)what game this is? http://www.cdprojekt.info/nasze_gry/panzer_elite/karta_produktu/3.jpg...

18th September 2004 17:09

Semper-Fi, 11pzg gold (when there are players) and Fragnet bravo are my favourites.

19th September 2004 09:09

I'm probably first one asking (:D) but is it going to take another 6 months to finish next version,...

20th September 2004 17:09

I hope Goodwood has enough Shermans to crack open. ;)

22nd September 2004 16:09

What's so LOL about that? You should think about the map sizes and amount of players before you open...

22nd September 2004 17:09

Great update. All I want now is release date. :cool:

14th September 2004 10:09

I think devs have made excellent job. No nadewhoring anymore! :drink:

25th September 2004 11:09

Just show us screenshot of it... :naughty:

27th September 2004 13:09

I think Aussies would be good addition to this mod. But so are Finns and Polish. :naughty:

28th September 2004 08:09

Tanks are good like they are now. If things like that would be added how about slowing down tanks tu...

29th September 2004 11:09

I voted Tiger II, but it really doesn't matter to me, what it is called.

30th September 2004 17:09

I got the same problem with K98. One shot is hardly enough, almost always you need two shots. With G...

1st October 2004 16:10

Unrealgama, calm down. I think adding trucks with deployable AT guns is excellent idea. Right now t...

2nd October 2004 15:10

It sounds pretty logic to me that Stg44 have semiauto-mode, it's assaultrifle after all.

3rd October 2004 12:10

I'm too patriotic to vote anything else. Finland all the way!

3rd October 2004 12:10

Have anyone else noticed who much hanomags can take damage these days. It's absurd how in Arnhem you...

4th October 2004 12:10

I have never encountered to problem that the maps are too big. Pacific maps are fine to me, only may...

14th September 2004 10:09

Satchels need to slide little. Otherwise it would be pain in the ass to get one on the top of a tank...

11th September 2004 14:09