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Pilot and Sniper damit.

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Just cut holes top of buildings.

21st January 2008 10:01

I like it when people think the bf109 sucks because more often than not I will get to fly it. Aircra...

18th March 2008 02:03

ha ha ha members.

2nd April 2008 14:04

*Tosses cookies into the pit*

30th March 2008 06:03

I checked their site and no wheres to be found. I wouldn't ask you smart asses unless I could find i...

30th March 2008 06:03

Where can i download the custom maps?

29th March 2008 23:03

I like to trust my own senses (stop when I want to stop and bug out when the split second calls for...

27th March 2008 23:03

I was wondering if what would happen if you directed a rear camera to the mini map screen.

27th March 2008 02:03

Reinstall the mod correctly.

26th March 2008 04:03

Is that the peter north thats doing younger gals now?

25th March 2008 08:03

Natty Wallo;4264388Which game are you talking about? In FH2 you die and the next time you spawn, y...

18th March 2008 04:03

The medic is done behind the scenes. Your not really dead but out of action. No one wants to spend t...

18th March 2008 02:03

We don't even know what the newly tweaked plane guns will do. I`m a fairly good pilot in this mod a...

16th April 2008 14:04

Natty Wallo;4261029Mmm..... Well..... I'm at work and youtube videos don't play on this PC. :( Bump...

15th March 2008 04:03

Just put a round in every window you see.

14th March 2008 08:03

Natty Wallo;4258434Maybe implement a feature in the forum that filters away grammatical errors and i...

13th March 2008 04:03

How did you do that?

13th March 2008 03:03

Can i hack it for other mods? Or how can i change it too look up other mods?

12th March 2008 08:03

All i can say is turn your graphics up. Or that house is set too turn black at a certain distence....

12th March 2008 08:03

Tubruk gets balanced. Any other maps get balanced?

12th March 2008 08:03

Lobo;4255867Nice ideas Dago, we are working on it as I type. But don't worry, as soon as we reach...

11th March 2008 11:03

Yossarian;4255307I know for a fact that there's going to be change to the scout kit. Let's just sa...

11th March 2008 02:03

Commie;4254707That a guarantee? :lookaround: Who knows, Thats what I heard they were going too do.

10th March 2008 16:03

just paint em brown and add more planes :p

3rd April 2008 05:04

The only thing i don't like about super charge its to tight. Now tights a good thing on some occasio...

17th April 2008 16:04