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Well if you go with roguehunter ull have to spent over $1000 for 3ds max !! go with Terragen and...

23rd February 2003 23:02


16th May 2003 22:05

its know machie gun fest 1942 mg's are just funner and when every rocket was being shot on my rf1...

16th March 2003 21:03

a guy for bf42 fourms sent me a coustom M10 may be in mod yet i havnt tride it yet

18th March 2003 23:03

i love that movie :D

23rd March 2003 21:03


27th March 2003 00:03

Can somebody send me the m163 textures please im working on a m10 w/gatlin well i downloaded it bu...

27th March 2003 00:03


27th March 2003 00:03

[email]dntjezek@msn.com[/email] thanx

28th March 2003 01:03

well when using paint shop pro how do you make the vehicles shiny

28th March 2003 01:03

not really there's no alfa channel (well i think) and how do you had shine :fistpunch:

28th March 2003 01:03

does anyone know how to make skins shiny w/ Paint Shop PRO plz plz plz help!!

3rd April 2003 00:04

sweet thanx

4th April 2003 00:04

try raking off the texture before exporting :lookaround:

7th April 2003 22:04

just like this :fistpunch:

7th April 2003 22:04

new vehicles new weapons yeah! first thing is the Venom(hand held gatlin from wolfensein) skined i...

16th May 2003 22:05

new pic not exactly ripted either custom gun with same tex from rtcw with new barrell

17th May 2003 19:05

can you use paint shop pro ??

16th March 2003 20:03

not really

18th May 2003 18:05

it is but,-- my comp crashed and i had to reinstall xp so im having to restart ill make me own barr...

26th May 2003 15:05

i was a modder on this team but i got kicked off because i kept getting off the internet and they sa...

28th May 2003 14:05

only thing i did was put rockets on the jeep!!

28th May 2003 14:05

ya but is is kinda hard to make your own gatling barrell ive tryde numerous of times and i can just...

28th May 2003 15:05

super tiger

28th May 2003 15:05

anyone like this sig pic

28th May 2003 15:05