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there some door blockers who dont even know there doing because they suck.

1st December 2002 14:12

Originally posted by Drone_T7 ahahaha maby u should try aiming for the head :p :p :p maybe you sh...

13th March 2003 11:03

i have noticed the same thing on servers. even pure servers. i have emptyed entire clips into some p...

13th March 2003 10:03

i got the game the day it came out and i have had the same problems. i stop playing online because o...

2nd March 2003 07:03

those models for the galaxy on fleetyards.com are pretty bad.

16th February 2003 02:02

photoshop for making avatar. profile for adding avatar.

15th February 2003 14:02

go to your profile, edit options and select a AVATAR. the picture under your name is called AVATAR.

15th February 2003 08:02

how old is your computer? if its a couple of years old it is probably not a 300 watt. i would sugges...

13th February 2003 11:02

**** everyone

6th February 2003 04:02

learn to spell or atleast read your posts before you post them.

4th February 2003 06:02

i agree with Soldat. build your own maps.

14th January 2003 13:01

get winrar.

12th January 2003 12:01

i would like to know if is possiable for someone smarter than me to make a mod installer similar to...

11th January 2003 14:01

what kind of vid card do you use.

8th January 2003 03:01

i love the idea of the mutiplayer game. but i am very rarely able to start a fight. even if the figh...

23rd December 2002 12:12

did the game ever work on your computer. and if not what kind of video card are you using.

12th December 2002 14:12

i was wondering if anyone else is having problems with ATI video card drivers on this game. if i use...

2nd December 2002 15:12

spawnkilling is ok and fun. we use spawnlocking in matchs all the time. but it is his server and if...

20th April 2003 14:04