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*Italy is included in the western front.

12th November 2005 11:11

I have been playing hidden and dangerous 2, (a rather unfinished game that failed to be a great beca...

12th November 2005 16:11

polskaIs it me or are just more and more people mistaking the panzer III for some godlike powerfull...

16th November 2005 10:11

polskaH&D 2 Singleplayer and Multiplayer is very good The multiplayer isn't good, the only wea...

13th November 2005 03:11

Wow this thread has survived for ages! :lol:

13th November 2005 03:11

I hope one driver/bow mger, one gunner, one commander/top mger

13th November 2005 07:11

Yeah the russians got loads of guys on the back of their t-34s, a lot more than two, I saw a picture...

13th November 2005 14:11

Hahah well done :)

14th November 2005 16:11

I think Soviet Naval infantry would be a nice addition to a map in a *very* distant FH2 release,...

15th November 2005 13:11

Yeah now I see that screen I would like pacific, its so much more... jungly! Pacific maps in bf194...

15th November 2005 13:11

:rolleyes:You mean like the gun in my avatar?

12th December 2005 14:12

Thanks freggel. :bows: If you meant 'speech' in the control panel, I click it and it and this thi...

25th December 2005 06:12

Join the Red Army, comrade!

1st November 2005 11:11

Ok I haven't played the sims 2 for a while, I uninstalled it ages ago and now, I install it again, t...

9th January 2006 13:01

Hmm... I unzipped to the correct folders and now FH wont start when I click the desktop icon, if I t...

8th January 2006 07:01

Ok I've figured out its the map files that screw things up, when I unzip these into the folder it sa...

8th January 2006 10:01

Sorry for triple posting but i cant edit. I have eliminated the crashing problem but still nothing...

8th January 2006 11:01

It doesn't have enough bass I think, its all rattley. I dont like the Degtyarev '28 either, its a cr...

8th January 2006 14:01

Im going to spawn ith a no. 4 and drool at the animations and sound.:naughty:

9th January 2006 03:01

Yes PLEEEASE change the PPsh!!!!!

9th January 2006 13:01

The churchill, one of the most underrated tanks in the game...

9th January 2006 13:01

I prefer the Bf1942 radio actually, I think it gives you a lot more variety in the things you can sa...

6th January 2006 14:01

PPsh is perfect, Dp needs a bit more bass and a louder echo at the end :)

10th January 2006 14:01

I really dont think we need the Netherlands in game at all, I mean, who cares?

13th January 2006 12:01

But its such a low priority, in FH2, after the first release with Britain and Germany the Devs will...

13th January 2006 13:01