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yep yep

12th December 2007 05:12

SeinfeldRules;4082622How is the truth a rant?[/quote] you are right i was too pissed off at the tim...

11th December 2007 16:12

woman can be bitches /end of rant

11th December 2007 13:12

just post twice before leaving

10th December 2007 15:12

i think we can fix this

10th December 2007 15:12

10th December 2007 12:12

nanobot_swarm;4078464no you don't No you dont

10th December 2007 00:12

no you dont

9th December 2007 23:12

Have you ever screamed or said this "Ask me about my weinnnnnner"

9th December 2007 23:12

FF|Thundgot;4078123Ah shut the hell up >.< She is hotter than any anime girl I have seen! lm...

9th December 2007 22:12

FF|Thundgot;4076590Instead of interesting I wanna say she looks hot, 'cause damn yea she does :D In...

9th December 2007 16:12

but it is a sig if its below the line i get to rate it again =D i still give it a 0 out of 10

9th December 2007 16:12

0 out of 10 b/c i hate Brittany spears

9th December 2007 16:12


9th December 2007 14:12


9th December 2007 04:12

deleted due to complaint

8th December 2007 16:12

Would you be willing to donate it to Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2142 Downloads - i...

8th December 2007 15:12

true picture deleted due to graphic content

8th December 2007 12:12

wow lol

8th December 2007 11:12

Off to a slow start all well we will soon dominate the other forums !

8th December 2007 10:12

Mr.Gav;4250911According to those higher up, FileFront, the FileFront Network and GamingForums are no...

7th March 2008 23:03


3rd June 2008 02:06

BF2 is still popular.

10th June 2008 12:06

I have let things go for way to long and i decided it was time to put a stop to it. As of yesterday...

9th June 2008 16:06

My avatar is a cop car cause thats what i plan to do when i am done with College. and my sig shows...

8th June 2008 15:06