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ha learn something new everyday

3rd June 2008 14:06

Penguin_Unit;4365624Excuse ears? the question mark threw me off :rolleyes:

2nd June 2008 08:06

Penguin_Unit;4365624Excuse ears? think about it.

2nd June 2008 01:06

Fetter Zickleinmorder;4365038he didn't bother setting the date. can't really blame him. it's a pain...

1st June 2008 15:06

uh hi

1st June 2008 05:06

AegenemmnoN;4364036I'll buy that van.....That water is so dirt. That girl has a new strain of AIDs....

31st May 2008 15:05

Got another video FLood_in_kmart_parking_lo7.MOV -

31st May 2008 11:05

So we got a **** ton of rain today i have never seen so much rain here before lol so i went out and...

31st May 2008 10:05

the ingredient "yellow 5" is a sperm killer drink it if you dont want babies.

26th May 2008 10:05

cheap gas.

26th May 2008 10:05

i hope this thread was not meant to be serious.

26th May 2008 10:05

Found it on these forums who ever finds where i found it gets a internet cookie! Bro Please.. If i...

8th July 2008 19:07

Not really sure what your talking about but if your wanting to run a server use blackbag ops go goog...

7th July 2008 11:07

I Like this thread, i have a picture hidden away that would be the most epic POTD EVER! to bad i can...

1st July 2008 00:07

check the Website the Ip's are on the left hand side.

27th June 2008 11:06

I'm sure it was not intentional a lot of servers have this setting you were auto kicked by a compute...

27th June 2008 04:06

Doubt it has anything to do with the USB slots i know i have like 9ish

21st June 2008 02:06

I will be very surprised if this game will even run on a celeron, but i suppose you have to get the...

20th June 2008 16:06

looks good.

18th June 2008 04:06

GateCrusher420;4379377Yes indeed it is. I need to start playing it again. I stopped playing once I...

11th June 2008 10:06

Amraam;438127615? earning couple of hundred a week part time?! How the hell? I'm 21, getting not e...

12th June 2008 09:06

I'm not real sure on this i know nothing about vista.

12th June 2008 09:06

What are your computer specs? are you able to tab out and end the task or do you have to do a whole...

11th June 2008 10:06

grammar FTW!

8th March 2008 04:03

Well for one reason or another Firefox just decided to take a shit and stop working i have No idea w...

12th April 2008 19:04