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Please i am trying to get a signature made combining CoD: 5 & Halo 3. Those are my major games a...

15th January 2009 03:01

nice work ram. one question how are you able to put that kind of program type look...im not sure how...

7th February 2009 14:02

cool thanks

2nd February 2009 05:02

ill try it later today

4th February 2009 07:02

Sorry its alittle on the bright side but it was all i had in mind..

4th February 2009 11:02

ill try tomorrow

4th February 2009 12:02

you sure do ask for alot from a FREE service

5th February 2009 11:02

haha patience dude he has a life.

7th February 2009 09:02

yeah they do and thanks ill look into it

7th February 2009 14:02

nice work ram

2nd February 2009 04:02

give me the height and the width and ill work on something

9th February 2009 02:02

here is what i came up with i used different pictures so you can decide if you choose to use it or n...

9th February 2009 11:02


10th February 2009 10:02

it looks fine on the site. in my opinion

11th February 2009 09:02

nice ram you been workin hard lately lol

12th February 2009 11:02

llast i can remember ram made you a perfectly good one. actually all us tried it. you ask way to muc...

20th February 2009 09:02


1st March 2009 07:03

heres my go. im not real familiar with the anime. anyways here it is. im sure there will be other pe...

2nd February 2009 05:02

do you have a tutorial i can look at for more tips?

2nd February 2009 04:02

thanks cant wait

15th January 2009 04:01

good job ram

20th January 2009 06:01

Great :D

15th January 2009 10:01

thanks man thats looks nice ill make sure to give you the credit.

15th January 2009 11:01

dude both of those are awesome. thanks alot guys:)

15th January 2009 11:01

wow thanks that one looks hella sick ram. :D

15th January 2009 13:01
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