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I need some one to either do this or tell me how to. I need a buildable scout trooper (the one that...

9th May 2006 01:05

you tell em shard! Look forward to FAC people! We already have the sith adept ingame! Shweetness!

9th November 2006 16:11

Oh awesome. This means shielded ground units for FAC too.

12th November 2006 03:11

I agree with giving rendar to the consortium.

12th November 2006 03:11

Dude i need space troopers, but i was planning on adding them as a land unit though. Also, hows prog...

12th November 2006 03:11

Oh dude, i need spacetroopers. I was planning on making them a ground unit tho.

12th November 2006 02:11

Me want DASH! Dash is awesome!! Dash is also gonna be in my mod...hopefully...

11th November 2006 23:11

Yes your model will need a shield mesh. And for stealth it needs a stealth mesh!

11th November 2006 17:11

MAJOR UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sith Adept and LAAT gunship have been sucessfully added to FAC. Expect...

11th November 2006 02:11

Its called Snow speeders and T4-bs. They own the current juggernauts. Maybe they could add a t3-b ta...

10th November 2006 16:11

It actually happens to everyone, its just the game. Dont get a new comp or anything im sure your fin...

10th November 2006 16:11

hey guys, i got an A. Thanks again!

10th November 2006 16:11

Judging from the card you get from DC, im guessing there is a 40k card game. This true?

10th November 2006 00:11

Awesome, thanks guys. This is actually for a school project on caste systems. ill tell you guys what...

9th November 2006 22:11

Ya well you just copied bails. We want an actual trasport like the rebels HTT transport.

9th November 2006 15:11

I dont even know what AOSW stands for. And you should try replacing the pirate stuff the CIS has wit...

12th November 2006 17:11

Does anyone know anything about the Tau caste system and how it is layed out? And if it is similar t...

9th November 2006 15:11

Have 2 heavy weapons squads, the flamer tank (forget the name) And 2 basilisks in the back. Works wo...

9th November 2006 15:11

ok the guy was playing chaos and he had over 5 fully upgraded legions of chaos marines. I swear that...

9th November 2006 14:11

We need a modeler, skinner, and voice actor. 1upD!?!?! Where are you?!?!?!

9th November 2006 05:11

Id like to do voice acting!

9th November 2006 04:11

I was playin for my first time online today, and these guys somehow pulled out the resources for mak...

9th November 2006 04:11

I hope he made it an actual trasport instead of making that the deployer from the eaw version. i tri...

9th November 2006 00:11

ah yes, it seems grey knights are powerful against everything.

8th November 2006 22:11

Yes the tau should have sentry turrets. That is thier TT turret unit. And XV88s do not count as turr...

8th November 2006 20:11