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here's mine. its not much though. lol how do i post it, i did the printscreen and pasted in paint.

27th February 2006 09:02

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.looks good....... the orginal Silent Hill game scared the living shit out of me........

27th February 2006 09:02


27th February 2006 09:02

i am sorry i am new here

3rd September 2004 17:09

HairySheephmm is arisoft as much fun as paintball? can you actualy feel that little pelet when it hi...

1st March 2006 09:03

ZeRoNiTeF.E.A.R, especially towards the end, and Silent Hill games. Condemned was pretty good to t...

1st March 2006 10:03

XXX: State of the Union. Kinda cheezy but pretty good, so 7/10. Right before that I saw The Chronicl...

5th March 2006 02:03

Search for the episode The Aristocrats on South Park. Wow. I know. Disturbing.

4th March 2006 11:03

Once I played GunZ: The Duel for like 17 hours with a few breaks.

1st March 2006 11:03

I LOVE those M4 Carbine's and M16's!!! Also I like the silver deagles. And to go old, K98 or M1 Gara...

4th March 2006 08:03

20 things not to say to an officer

3rd March 2006 10:03

20. I can't reach my license unless you hold my beer. 19. Sorry officer, I didn't realize my radar...

3rd March 2006 10:03

Wow. I'm surprised that people haven't started being racist. I have nothing against any race whatsoe...

3rd March 2006 06:03

There are a few emos in my school. They are always wanting to kill themselves, "oh, I'm so mistreate...

3rd March 2006 06:03

Yeah, I forgot Doom 3.

2nd March 2006 07:03

Thats funny..

9th March 2006 12:03

Use your router. It's a built in firewall. If you don't have a router, then... use windows firewall....

14th July 2007 14:07

*jizzes* D & D FTW!!

18th May 2007 07:05

bigdoggie;3293214na, WoW has nothing to do with it.. and its not worth the cash. You're such a dumba...

19th May 2007 18:05

That's really good, all of them are really good!

19th May 2007 18:05

2/10 I don't really think it's funny.

18th May 2007 08:05

18th May 2007 08:05

359. You can grab the ring of burden and walk around but if you take it into your inventory it magic...

15th May 2007 08:05

Lol good one, and goblins do have females, remember in the prison the goblin mage with that staff? I...

20th May 2007 23:05

Guys, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get on the forum in about 6 months.. I've been grounded be...

1st June 2006 11:06