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Pretty good modeler :)

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Try to pm Moih. He's a good mapper.

21st July 2003 23:07

OK it's 99% done. The problem is that the face doesn’t fit into the head so no matter what i do it l...

22nd July 2003 10:07


22nd July 2003 23:07

This is what you need. I STRONGY recommend that you only use this as you last option and i DON'T ta...

22nd July 2003 23:07

All you need to do is remove (not delete) the .pk3 file from your base folder. If you don't know wit...

23rd July 2003 08:07

GOOD news: The Megaman X model is almost done! - I only need to adjust some small bugs, but that’s...

23rd July 2003 09:07

@D666 - Check your mail :)

23rd July 2003 11:07

Just limit the force-jump to level 2.

12th August 2003 11:08

Wagon wheel:

20th August 2003 20:08

I have found a solution to the voice problem - i have some old megaman episodes and in one of them x...

9th May 2003 12:05

Mega Man X2Ok White Shark oh one more thing I need a screen of zero and the rest put it one the site...

17th March 2004 21:03

No, and I doubt that there'll ever be one. Want to know why? - If there WAS bot support in siege, th...

17th February 2004 00:02

hgwall44So i was just wondering how many modelers do yall think are there for JKA right now.[/QUOTE]...

18th February 2004 09:02

1: Wrong forum! - Questions about modeling belong in the Mapping, Modeling & Skinning forum. 2:...

23rd February 2004 23:02

Mega Man X2one more thing is this for jka or for jk2 i am lost so i do not wast a reply one more ide...

23rd February 2004 23:02

No... MP and SP are very different, that’s why MP mods don’t work in SP.

24th February 2004 00:02

Already working on it. It's a part of the Megaman X4 MOD. - You can find the thread here.

25th February 2004 17:02

Okay everyone... I've been talking with _Zero_ and we've decided to gather the mod team to discuss/p...

7th March 2004 23:03

Danish look weird... I think Danish and Swedish is the same language.

8th March 2004 00:03

[ninja]wi is tis not on da mainpage???!!!11111 anemore!?1+1! [/ninja] hey that homestar!=?!?!?!111 r...

8th March 2004 00:03

WhiteSharkWhy dont you use IRC to have a meeting :DThat's an option too... It would be nice if ever...

10th March 2004 23:03

I forgot to mention that you have to add your time-zone when you post. WhiteSharkYes, I registered...

11th March 2004 22:03

Help Qxl!!!

16th March 2004 11:03

dos ane1 now were i can downlod a new computer!?!1+11

18th March 2004 18:03

Yep, you're right.

16th February 2004 20:02