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Pretty good modeler :)

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Press H in max and look for the bone on the list. If it isn’t on the list, you have to get a new sk...

5th May 2003 18:05

What's a "super battle droid"?

5th May 2003 19:05

I get a "404 Error". Is it supposed to do that?

5th May 2003 19:05

The max4 plug-in should work in max5. Did you remember to uncheck "animations" when you exported?

5th May 2003 19:05

theres also: reborn/fencer reborn/forceuser reborn/acrobat

5th May 2003 19:05

I've got your mail and the bones weighting was almost right. I've fixed some small problems on the h...

6th May 2003 13:05

Please show a screenshot.

21st April 2003 15:04

I agree, if you wanna waste space than give me my own personal forum instead of this. lol im sure t...

21st April 2003 12:04


5th April 2003 21:04

modelers are in their 20's or 30's. im a modeler and im 16 :)

13th April 2003 19:04

i have tried to edit the model and i found out that the head isent a part of the mech model. so the...

6th April 2003 20:04

one of your .mp3 files is not in the right format. remove the file and try again.

8th April 2003 14:04

read this: http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11520

8th April 2003 14:04

your sounds isent in the right format. all mp3 files in jk2 must be PCM 44.100 khz.

8th April 2003 14:04

http://www3.sympatico.ca/psykopat/tutorials/jk2_guide.htm - this is one of the best tutorials.

8th April 2003 14:04

i dont know why i shuts down. maybe u have some kind of saber sound mod. try to move all your downlo...

8th April 2003 17:04

if u have the jk2 editing tools then look in the tools folder after a program called MD3View. if u d...

9th April 2003 13:04

whats the problem? cant u assimilate? its hard to help if u only tell that u have animation problem...

9th April 2003 15:04

yes, im the modeller. i have made the chopper on the roof and some other stuff. i have also made a...

11th April 2003 21:04

forgot a pic, sorry.

11th April 2003 22:04


13th April 2003 07:04

the torso is finished. im still trying to make the face look right but i takes time and i have been...

13th April 2003 14:04

http://richdiesal.jedioutcastmaps.com/tutorials/ - look for the one called "NPC Spawning and NPC Rou...

14th April 2003 15:04

This can also happen if you are using a copied, downloaded or cracked game. If that’s the case then...

21st April 2003 12:04

heres a tutorial: http://richdiesal.jedioutcastmaps.com/tutorials/br201lsn5.html its never a good i...

18th April 2003 06:04