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Ok. First I'd say that thanks for a very great and realistic 0.65 mod. But I have the same problem a...

17th October 2004 12:10

My entry, not my best since kung foo was hard so i put some fight into it as much. Here:

12th December 2008 00:12

Thanks abandonator for the tip. And zappex thank you.

8th December 2008 02:12

RAM;4709770I see who voted for who when I view results, but once I place a vote I nolonger have the...

5th December 2008 23:12

Kingdom hearts series for ps2.

2nd December 2008 02:12

I would put this in my signature but that would be rule breaking because of the size. I made a subze...

2nd December 2008 01:12

Alex Ross;4694469I am finding this too hard, I googled and found some companies that do this sort of...

27th November 2008 03:11

I'll make one, give me till tomorrow since i have to go to sleep, and got school, ice storm tomorrow...

12th December 2008 02:12

abandonator;4689713meh here's mine Little to dark

26th November 2008 00:11

Sign me up please.

25th November 2008 23:11


25th November 2008 23:11

Admiral_Antilles;4694233 Bahh, it took me 8 hours to make this.... 7:40 of it trying to think of w...

25th November 2008 22:11

You like to use the blur effect I see. Anyway good job, practice makes perfect.

25th November 2008 20:11

entered this is contest:

12th December 2008 00:12

Finished: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/855/killzonecopyuz6.png just add the [IMG] things

12th December 2008 11:12

Huh about time a new contest, sadly I won't enter in this one =\. I'm not a show kind of person. I d...

27th February 2009 19:02

Sure, after contest I'll post a tut on making it.

29th January 2009 20:01

Some of your work is pretty neat, looks like you love to liquify? Or is it wave/ripple in all of the...

28th January 2009 22:01

Thanks but trust me, I had to read a tutorial on this and it took 3 tries to get it just right.

28th January 2009 22:01

After I read this, I just did a whole bunch of google searches, damn I'm badass

26th January 2009 03:01

Inyri Forge;4781930A shortcut and an icon applied to a shortcut are very different things. You were...

25th January 2009 22:01

I voted on confusing kid. He has good depth and flow, antilles, yours is dark, scan lines didn't go...

12th December 2008 21:12

ya, a favicon is basically like those small icons on your desktop.

25th January 2009 21:01

My first ever attract without any stock or renders, took awhile but I got it:

25th January 2009 18:01

Oh, my eyes are bad, thought is said shameless advertiser, sorry guys.

25th January 2009 01:01