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So do i open up a sound file and edit it, and add mine? like u told me

8th August 2002 04:08

I'll help u test, AIM me @ andymaster1080 or ICQ* 166899729

10th August 2002 18:08

I'd recommend making a few Federation fighters. Remember the PSX Star Trek Invasion game? They had...

15th August 2002 22:08

i got the mod packager and tried to put a ship i made on bridge commander,and now when i try to play...

16th August 2002 03:08

How long on average does it take Soffiles to put a submitted file on their site? Anubis XXI

17th August 2002 04:08

What I mean it that change so that the cubes many phasers fire at one target, in other words one bea...

17th August 2002 18:08

What I mean it that change so that the cubes many phasers fire at one target, in other words one bea...

17th August 2002 18:08

Small borg armada.

17th August 2002 18:08

yes. go to www.jedioutcastmaps.com and look up geonosian arena in free for all maps.

17th August 2002 19:08

well,not exactly,same thing happens when i try to add ferengi ships to my game by using map editor.i...

18th August 2002 00:08

well,i am going to try to make my first mod today also!i'm not going to do anything that advanced th...

18th August 2002 00:08

sorry,can't help,but have you got that mod that tells you how?

18th August 2002 00:08

Originally posted by Delta LMAO i forget which one i voted for how did you get that smile you ar...

18th August 2002 00:08

How do u disable SOME force but keep some?

18th August 2002 08:08

Impressed by that JSein456?! LOL And yes the Soulwolf is a real crap-ship, too strong and the desig...

22nd August 2002 18:08

I have made some new textres for the borg cube that are the same format and size. The files are >...

22nd August 2002 23:08

Im getting frustrated I'm Chronic I made Reborn Master, Chronic, and Arckain. And i was wanting to k...

8th August 2002 03:08

Actually, changing that fixed everything else too for some strange reason. Oh, I haven't tried load...

1st August 2002 11:08

I installed the Montana mod fine and it showed up in the other ships column but now I cannot quickba...

29th May 2002 06:05

When I used the foundation plug in I found 2 interesting things. I noticed that there is a Nova cla...

30th May 2002 06:05

hey modders can u make a mod for keyboard's hotkey to make ship go in subwarp?

15th June 2002 03:06

well i might join u for helping to make this addon game, do u have ur own website? P.S. Galaxy X is...

15th June 2002 06:06

yeah that great idea, i always want to explore inside my ships than my ass sitting on captain chair...

15th June 2002 06:06

how can i edit .glm files or(Gilm) files? i realy need to know

22nd June 2002 19:06

Will someone pls answer this question or not?

23rd June 2002 11:06
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