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SSGT. SPYDERYep... The first reason :). The second and third are 2. Fosters 3. Crocidile hunterBe...

26th February 2004 15:02

There is a thread just like this thats about a week ago. http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php...

17th August 2005 07:08

Arr, found it nevermind :) Sorry I cant edit my last post to say it.

15th August 2005 09:08

Divx encoded I think, I got that xvid cedec ages ago so maybe I need a newer version? problem is I c...

15th August 2005 09:08

I tried the xvid update and it fixed the jolting! :) Thanks for your help, damn if I knew it was so...

15th August 2005 10:08

Welcome to the forums hay!

15th August 2005 12:08

I need some more help. Today all of a sudden when I went into recycle bin the screen cleared everyth...

16th August 2005 08:08

I just heard, bloody hell this is crazy, so many planes are crashing now. Lets hope some people surv...

16th August 2005 10:08

I just finished reading the read, this is horrible. I hope your wife is ok after what happend to her...

16th August 2005 10:08

Nope, its not a virus I have an up to date anti-virus(pc-cillin) and I also used housecall, both pic...

16th August 2005 20:08

Welcome to the forums! dont get yourself banned.

17th August 2005 07:08

masterstevenx4Wonder how much its gonna cost.... A bloody lot.:(

14th August 2005 21:08

M!tchoops you shut up! you shut up now! :ninja: *runs*

17th August 2005 10:08

| -------------------- :rock:

17th August 2005 10:08

M!tchi have a brother living in Melbourne now, so be careful, i might just come and visit :D yeah w...

17th August 2005 10:08

X-CHopefully no treatment will be available. I am hoping this disease will wipe out as many people a...

17th August 2005 10:08

SeVeReDHeh, Has this been around for awhile, and just getting widespread now? I had not heard of it....

17th August 2005 10:08


17th August 2005 11:08

Forcecommander grills of quadrant 5? yep. Ride the lightning or ride the donkey?

17th August 2005 11:08

nice tutorial, but one thing, i might be missing it completely but I just started using PS. How do i...

15th August 2005 08:08

9/10 looks cool

14th August 2005 11:08

Yeah I can see it aswell. Next time make threads like this in the spam forum, thats what its for, pl...

17th August 2005 21:08

I think around 12 hours was the most I have ever played.

12th August 2005 07:08

You card cant run it, it needs min 9700 also it says it needs 1gb of ram but I can run it with 512ra...

10th August 2005 21:08

ToXiC HawkI'm going to stay in a building with no electric, no shower, no bath, no hot water, no lig...

10th August 2005 21:08