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I want to be like Revenge

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i have completed all missions but then what do i do it keeps saying unavailable

15th November 2002 19:11

i like dca but i like =ATF= better so it will be under other

15th June 2003 05:06

for what i've seen of HL2 i'd say it will be better then AA

15th June 2003 18:06

ill just take the rocket launcher and blow them all away :rolleyes: even myself if i dont look out:...

15th June 2003 06:06

its called kick a thread up and thats what im doing:frog: :lol:

15th June 2003 05:06

:lol: @silentshadow's quote :smokin: sci servers dont crash that much yea just a few times but who...

15th June 2003 05:06

u know that "matrix"site:lol:

15th June 2003 05:06

good points shadow what i've experienced with them is they sometimes cry for sniper if i got it they...

15th June 2003 05:06

nothing see it as a thanx for that "site" u gave me:lol:

15th June 2003 05:06

its impossible to remove tried everything with my vid card and still nothing u are going to have to...

14th June 2003 15:06

it may be a cool clan but having to be 18 is bullshit lots of people under 18 that like to join perh...

16th June 2003 18:06

Looks like u ain't typing much better:lol: :spank: ,,,Bitch:frog: dont say that to azzkiker hes co...

14th June 2003 15:06

and what if u like the map fls like myself like to kill saws with my m16:p

14th June 2003 15:06

LOL nm i found it

13th June 2003 08:06

tom where did u get that kazaa? :D

13th June 2003 07:06

that FAMAS is sweet where can u order it :p the blue one looks like a toy tho but those black ones...

13th June 2003 07:06

still looks like klu klux klan to me:lol:

13th June 2003 07:06

doesn matter for me as long as it comes out good :D

13th June 2003 07:06

if u dont have the right for incase here are all the patches -=ClIcK hErE=-

13th June 2003 07:06

im the only in ATF that comes here :D so it does even us and its keeping the forums alive

16th June 2003 18:06

nice pics

17th June 2003 13:06

yep LOL its so strange :lol: and then he says you gotta speak REASONABLE english :lol:

12th June 2003 11:06

or reinstall AA if not make a new account and make sure u go through all trainings

19th June 2003 14:06

im at 51 so np here :D :lol:

22nd June 2003 09:06

out of all the bridge clans i played with the Ancients were pretty cool knights were ok but nothing...

21st June 2003 13:06