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q3 engine rocks!

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HELLO. I would like to join a good ORGANIZED clan immediately! I am 25 years old and want to get a...

10th September 2004 22:09

you wont even need a light its so simple!

4th August 2006 11:08

unless it is the demo than listen to bobandy

2nd August 2006 13:08

Hey Dont Swear At Me For Answering Your Qestion!now I Know Why People I Know Say They Dont Like You

2nd August 2006 17:08

lotr tc is in the making and somehow there changing the rancor for it :P

4th August 2006 11:08

yeah master sticky has it all(and if not post it here:))

4th August 2006 11:08

theres a cheat thingy on could be it

4th August 2006 11:08

no theres tutorial called rich deisels mapping universety.find it in the master sticky everythings i...

4th August 2006 11:08

mb2 has it but 300mb (think its that anyway) not worth it.

4th August 2006 11:08

yeah gtk will work the same as jk2 radiant just very few(if any at all) differeces

4th August 2006 15:08

sorry but i quit clan leader now very

2nd August 2006 09:08

1:how do you make func_trains in gtkradiant?(if gotten them in jk2radiant but not gtk:() 2:how do...

4th August 2006 15:08

yeah but my fps stinks as it is and im only halfway thru!so teleports is gonna make it inpossible to...

4th August 2006 15:08

oh thanks koen

5th August 2006 08:08

oh i didnt know bout detail brushes

5th August 2006 08:08

how do you get a auto-shooter like you press a button and it fires like in jedis home v1 outside yo...

5th August 2006 17:08

i need it for a clan map :) hehe

5th August 2006 18:08

preety good

6th August 2006 11:08

hes not saying its prince of persia hes asking if some one can do it.theres henry cristiano mod that...

6th August 2006 17:08

only skinning

2nd August 2006 12:08


2nd August 2006 09:08

Go System Texture Set There All Shaders Like Slick Makes You Slide.

8th August 2006 08:08

making efx is so fun imo

31st July 2006 16:07

il problay do it when im older but what bout for now sume die-hard jka fans would

28th July 2006 18:07


29th July 2006 09:07