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HELP! I just bought sims and im going to set it up when it tells me to enter my barcode found at the...

25th September 2004 10:09

there shouldnt be a XML folder in the main FOC directory

28th August 2007 02:08

im not entirely sure thats possible with this game

29th August 2007 04:08

take the problem to a new thread, its not the topic here

29th August 2007 00:08

i agree stop spamming the threads with stuff thats irrelevant.

28th August 2007 19:08

horah, new (and hopefully good) leadership. This mod needs that if its ever going to reach a beta

28th August 2007 18:08

well in V5,0 all mass driver have been replaced, there are only 2 non-consortium units with them

28th August 2007 18:08

wrong, that would be one of the hero ships, the dreadnaught has Flak Guns

28th August 2007 03:08

sign me up if you want, im pretty much finished with FoC Additions V5 so ive got some spare time....

28th August 2007 02:08

thats not very responsible, start a mod, then give all the work to someone else, i think it should n...

28th August 2007 02:08

i think the fact of landing in a zone is hardcoded, you could expand the landing areas, or create mo...

29th August 2007 22:08

common mistake, lot of people think that its the dominator, but the dominator was the first ship in...

28th August 2007 02:08

yeah, the only real units that have Mass drivers are for the ZC, the only others are the Mass Driver...

28th August 2007 02:08

you want the Lua Scripts from the source folder, i you want some more help add my Xfire, youll find...

28th August 2007 02:08

its normally mods that cause errors, not maps, seeing that doesnt help,

28th August 2007 02:08

is that the mass driver marauder or another mass driver thing? and we got permission from z3r0x a...

27th August 2007 05:08

which is the Barracuda model?

27th August 2007 05:08

did you know the second one is actually called a "Interdictor Star Destroyer", the name dominator is...

27th August 2007 03:08

these are the lines that control the Skirmish colors: 37,7,205 252,7,7 130,86,28 233,1...

29th August 2007 08:08

if you have MSN or Xfire i can tell u much quicker and easier, my contact names are in my profile

30th August 2007 02:08

i think he means use our special Quad projectiles

26th August 2007 22:08

thats not exactly helping is it

1st September 2007 19:09

thats cause it doesnt exist. to find the MT_Commandbar files, you need to get a Meg Extractor and...

6th September 2007 19:09

it would be different, but nobody's probably going to be bothered to make it

6th September 2007 16:09

yeah looks good

6th September 2007 16:09